Reminiscing-Stripper Style

Yesterday, I made the drive down I-5 and made a pit stop at the strip club in Salem where I used to work. It was a slow Sunday night. There was nothing exciting in the whole club and very few customers. There was absolutely no excitement in the air. Just the despair of lonely customers and holiday/money stressed strippers.
The darkness did not hide how much I do not miss the whole experience of being a stripper. I love to dance and do miss being on stage. However, I do not miss making small talk with strangers in hopes that they will spend money on private dances(allowing me to get naked on their lap for money). Regular customers are much like SDs, try to depend on them too much and they disappear. There is no real security or guarantees in stripping, it is merely a gamble that is decided by the odds and the gods.
The stress of working in this kind of sales based environment is great and after time it can be draining. Draining enough it makes it just not worth it. This is where I am currently. I know the extra money would be nice, but it would dent my daily happiness and well being.

There comes a time when happiness outweighs more money.


“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
Lao Tzu


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