Selling Emotions?!?

People always ask if I have more than one sugar daddy. This is almost a catch 22 question to answer. After working in strip clubs for years and in different states, I have regular customers who I stay in contact with. Some of these people have watched me become the person I am today along with aiding in achieving my goals and dreams. I hold them close to my heart. The way I looked through their eyes helped me to realize and become who I am. This is where being a stripper may cause odd relationships to occur. However, these platonic relationships are some of the most priceless.

As far as sugar daddies, having more than one is just the logical thing to do. Sugar is based on logic, not feelings! Yes, I may enjoy time with sd A over sd B, but it all comes down to who makes my life sugary in all aspects. If we were in a traditional relationship all my needs would be met by one man, but sugar is not traditional. It is about feeling valued and appreciated, while individually and actively gaining personal evolution.

Early on I learned that sds will try to sell emotions to sugar babies. As a sugar baby, I have nothing to gain by trying to sell emotions other than a pleasant experience. However sugar daddies on the other hand, will try to sell emotions or other positive qualities they possess to get a financial break. Still receiving everything they were seeking to get out of sugar, just at a discount.

In reality emotions are just a bonus for any decent sugar relationship. Mr Pdx taught me this lesson years ago. I would always ask jokingly if he was trying to sell me emotions. Little did I know how correct I was, but it is a great lesson. Wisdom is something that will get anyone to amazing places!

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  1. Missy
    August 11, 2014 at 9:45 am (3 years ago)

    Great post with lots of imapntort stuff.

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