ZiFi-Personal Aug 2017


Many people have been asking and assuming my role in the adult industry recently. I attended an awards show this past week and I had to catch people up greatly. So, let me go ahead and clarify for those of you readers who are both old and new!

  • 2010 I started the blog as a way to understand the madness I saw working in strip clubs as a dancer.
  • 2013 I started the magazine column, “Strip Club Journals Unbound”, which was syndicated.
  • 2014 I retired from Stripping.
  • 2016  I took a break from monthly magazine deadlines to write books(but still write for magazines occasionally).
  • 2016 My first book was released, “So You Got New Boobs Now What“.
  • 2017 My second book was released, “A Decade On a Pole.“.

The past few years have been filled with writing, traveling, and conventions. However, just because I have taken a break from the public eye does not mean I have not been manifesting. I hope you all have been well and I get to meet more of you at upcoming conventions and events!




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