The last week I have spent in bed sick. I took a friend to the airport in Pdx on last Friday night and worked downtown Saturday night. I knew I did not feel well, but I had no clue I would lose a week to cold medicine. It was so difficult to have cabin fever and want to work so bad on a Friday just to distract myself from being bored and sick.

In the past I would have pushed myself and went to work just for the short-term relief and money. Now I realize it is better public relations to stay home when I am sick. Plus, it is healthier. I have/need to be good to my body because it is my career to a degree.  It has been painful to sit here and just think and have a fever. I learned a lot about myself, the kind of life I want, how to get there, and who is going with me on this journey.

All priceless pieces of information I needed!



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