Signs You Have Experienced Narcissistic Abuse

Many people have approached me with questions regarding how to know if they have experienced narcissistic abuse. In our society, we do not often treat the root issue, but rather treat the symptoms. Therefore, the signs of narcissistic abuse can often become the focus themselves rather than discovering the root issue of narcissistic abuse.

Here are 16 signs of narcissistic abuse:

  1. Anxiety and/or depression.
  2. Health issues and/or autoimmune diseases.
  3. Walking on eggshells.
  4. You put your needs/wants/desires on the back burner.
  5. Self isolation.
  6. Compare yourself to others.
  7. Self sabotage and self-destruction.
  8. Fear of success.
  9. Gaslight yourself(ex. rationalizing, minimizing, denying).
  10. Low self-esteem.
  11. Feeling like you are going crazy.
  12. Nothing you do is good enough.
  13. You feel ignored and/or invisible.
  14. Overachiever or underachiever.
  15. Poor sense of self.
  16. You fear you are a narcissist.

If you can relate to these symptoms of narcissistic abuse, then it is time to reevaluate who you are surrounding yourself with and take the steps necessary to resolve the root cause. Be brave and know that being alone is way better than dealing with these unhealthy symptoms that will eventually take over your life.



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