Strip Club Journals Unbound-Back To School

Back to school time means so many different things for strip clubs. The first thing I think of when I think of back to school and stripping is college football! Who does not like to go out to a strip club after a football game. Also, thoughts of more customers in the clubs(after summer activities hault) and less competition due to some of the strippers going bak to school. Logistics can be in a strippers favor to not pursue continuing her education.

Yes, many strippers attend school and work at the same time. However, the two are a very difficult balancing act. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum of life. Men rarely go to a strip club to have an intelligent conversation. Therefore, schooling is almost a hindrance for strippers. No customer desires to feel inferior to someone they are paying to get naked on their lap.

Intelligence, therefore, becomes something that must be masked rather than celebrated while working in a strip club. This may sound like a simple task, but it is one of the most difficult barriers I have ever experienced. Learning to just nod, smile and bit my tongue when there are so many thoughts and opinions going through my head is beyond a challenge. The more intelligent one becomes the more difficult this task gets. Perhaps, this is why I have met very few strippers who have finished college while stripping.

By catering to strip club customers need to feel better about themselves, strippers become stigmatized as unintelligent. When in reality it takes a very intelligent person to play dumb well and believably. I randomly asked a business man at a hotel bar in Portland(which has more strip club per capita then Las Vegas) what he thought of strippers and back to school. His answer was simple yet surprising. He had never thought of the two together before. This speaks volumes about society’s perception of strippers.

Many professions involve marketing, public relations and sales, just as stripping. People who are not apart of the adult industry rarely think about all the sacrifice and commitment it takes to succeed in the adult industry. Success in any industry takes talent and intelligence. How can people be so shallow to think sucess in the adult industry is any different?

Education in the adult industry rarely comes from a book, but rather from experience.


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