Sugar Break

Real/personal life and working at the strip club are a balancing act that is like walking a tight rope. Falling a time or three is inevitable! The sugar life has become less appealing this year. Perhaps, because my bad experiences have outweighed the good/great experiences. Plus, now I am at the point where I can go dance a few days and make what some sds call a monthly allowance. I had this realization last night. It hit me hard at the core. I do not have the same value of the fast money of sugar as most sbs do. Sugaring is a lot of emotional work and it is very draining compared to stripping.

I do miss the perks of sugar:  vacations, nice hotels, private planes, shopping sprees, beaches, and amazing once in a lifetime experiences. Also, I miss the security both emotionally and financially. However, if I just work a day or two more a week, I can be my own financial security. This has lead me to be more aloof at work with strangers and it has been working. I am not there to make friends or hear a customer’s problems unless I’m in the champagne room then I will talk all night long!

I have not given up on sugar, but it is on the back burner more than ever before(my last Sd relationship ended in March/April). Real life may just be worth the break. The gamble will be more predictable after Halloween and a real life adventure. I have scheduled the time off work for a Halloween celebration without work and in real clothes!



“I don’t like to share my personal life… it wouldn’t be personal if I shared it.”
~George Clooney

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