Xrco Awards-Hollywood 2017

Last night were the Xrco Awards at the Ohm Nightclub in Hollywood. These events and conventions are starting to feel similar to extended family holiday gatherings. The dynamics vary, but the guarantee of excitement mixed with alcohol and booming voices are always present. The adult industry is like a family and shows love to most everyone, but yet competition within the industry is encouraged. It is human nature to want to be appreciated for your career. These award shows allow for these magical moments to unravel.

The Xrco Awards are a great memory and experience to have been blessed with!



Stay tuned for more Xrco coverage!

AVN Nomination Party-Hollywood



The Avn Nomination Party in Hollywood last Thursday night was just that:  A Party. A gathering of people in the adult industry, both old and new, who unapologetically live in the grey.

The 2017 Avn season has began just in time for the holiday season.




Will The Adult Industry Take Me Seriously?!?

Here I sit in Oregon in a North face jacket and wholly jeans. Back to my roots and remembering how blessed I truly am. This past year has been a world-wind, but amazing and it just does not stop. Which is the goal and rule of thumb, hard work pays off when tenacious.

This January I will be attending the AVN awards as a writer for Quest Magazine. This is a full circle experience. My brains finally got me somewhere my body alone could not! It is an overwhelming achievement. I do not quite know how to process it all. I just hope for the best and have three months to perpare. After mostly just sugaring this year and not stripping much, I need to work out. Yes, I am still thin and not out of shape, but after years of physical activity at work and being athletic I feel like a bum.

Also, after watching a video interview from last year of Ron Jeremy I am nervous as to how people will perceive me. I am just a small town girl who entered the Adult industry as a stripper to purse her passion and found her niche in sugar. I look more like a normal person than apart of the adult industry nowadays. Of course some people would disagree, but compared to how appearance based used to be I am doing well. However, my worry is will the industry take me seriously if I do not look like one of them anymore?!?


“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
~Franklin D. Roosevelt