AEE & AVN Season 2017


The AVN season is a season of freedom. As an industry we celebrate the best of the best and all the sacrifices that come along with being one of the best of the best. Resilient people make up the adult industry. Freedom mixed with resilience leads to many different places, but success and the freedoms of the adult industry bring us all together.

Avn season is always predictably unpredictable. Every year I try to plan and prepare for AEE and the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, but I also take into consideration that magical moments cannot always be planned. With a handful of large convention rooms filled with the madness of adult actors, webcam models, fans, press, sex toys, and excitement:  I never know what will catch my eye and/or attention.

This year at the 2017 AEE and AVN awards I realized resilience is another key factor in being a successful part of the adult industry. People love to hate sex workers and adult entertainers. Therefore, it only makes dollars and sense that adult industry workers must be able to go against the odds tenaciously and persevere with resilience because we are all bound to publicly make mistakes.

“Meeting new faces. Catching up with old friends going places. Solidifying bonds in a networking atmosphere. Establishing professional relationships with the backdrop of a city that loves to party till the sunlight blinds your dehydrated self as the night blends into day like a perfectly mixed cocktail served chilled & stirred to a rhythm we all understand & fully embrace.” ~Enrique Arellano, Adventures of the Mayor(@EAFLOWS)

AE Expo 2017 was packed full of adult stars and it seems to get larger with every year. The crowds gawk at various things and people while I observe, mingle, and network. I remember my first AE Expo and just how huge and overwhelming it felt. With time the exponential impact of the adult entertainment expo on a career in the adult industry becomes less stressful, but in reality anything can happen for anyone who fully turns on their shine during this event.

“It is like a fun industry family reunion.” ~Joe Evans(@NoRealValue)

The 2017 AEE was filled with extremely business minded adult stars who were hustling and bustling to make it to all the different booths and to network and meet as many fans as possible. When you are your business, literally, there is a certain amount of drive required. No one person can or will hand you success. It is something everyone must manifest for themselves in the adult industry.

“I had so much fun this year! I didn’t keep a schedule, did a random expo for once! It was amazing and I even walked away with a contract! I focused more on meeting companies and networking than meeting with fans this year. Sorry fans, I have to grow the Shawna Lenee Show brand! It was well worth it but will definitely have to make up lost time with fans next year!!” ~Shawna Lenee(@ShawnaLeneeShow)

Interviewing adult actors on the red carpet at AVN 2017 felt like porn star speed dating. Another challenge I never thought I would encounter. However, after days of walking around the AE expo it was a welcoming test. So many stars, so many names, so many questions, so little time…

On the AVN red carpet Eva Lovia(@FallinLovia) and I had a moment to chit chat about her career and how she is now where she wants to be, but she made a lot of mistakes along her way to success. However, with hard work and trial and error she has made it! Eva Lovia has a career that continues to blossom. She retains tenacity with an always welcoming smile. Keep up with Eva Lovia on her favorite social media:  Instagram @LoviaLongTime.

Overall AEE and AVN 2017 were an amazing season. Surrounding yourself with others who work in the adult industry is a freedom we look forward to all year long. A break from the stigmas of mainstream society, a chance to breathe much like when taking off stilettos after a long night of work. The relief of knowing you are not alone literally surrounds every adult worker who attends the AE Expo and AVN awards. Belonging is a priceless feeling we all seek.

The irony of the AEE and AVNs is often you learn more about yourself than the people you actually go to interview and meet.




Special thank you to Chris Meggs for contributing select photos! (@Meggs_Chris)

“AVN is always a blast! The more you attend the more like a yearly reunion it becomes which is really part of the overall experience, especially not being based on the west coast! It always renews the fire and motivation for the year ahead to see all the new tech and concepts coming out from all areas of the industry. Is it January 2018 yet?” ~Demon Seed Radio(@Demonseed69)


Adult Industry Writer


Writing about the adult industry is my niche. It allows me the freedom and opportunities to put my passion to work. However, the adult industry is my past. Yes, I may be an expert of sorts, but it is also a world I am trying so hard to transition out of. Learning to not remain a stripper has been a journey with more work than actually learning how to become a stripper when entering the adult industry.

I wake up every morning saying yes today I will write about porn stars. However, I dread it because I have to return to the state of mind I am trying to escape. I am no longer a drinker. I sleep at night. I eat non-bar food daily. I use my heart. I have a puppy. I have only one man I touch and who sees me naked.

It is my life that has changed, the industry has stayed the same.




From Adult Industry Writer to Real Life


After being at the AVN Expo and being surrounded by “my people” it has been a rough transition to come home to Portland and my everyday life. I missed my real life, but I loved the thrill of working again. After months of recovering and being a bum it felt amazing to be the career driven person I am at heart.  Working smarter rather than harder is not always as easy as it may seem.  It tests your patience beyond belief at moments. However, it is like chess:  plan and play to win.

So now, I am back to my “Real Life” and I appreciate it beyond belief, because it allows me to remain grounded. I cannot lie I miss the thrill of living the adult industry lifestyle at times. Then I remember how amazing it is to have security and someone who wants and values having me around.

How the times change! From being loved by the masses to being truly loved by one.  I like it!



When I entered the adult industry I never realized I was signing up to not be taken seriously.  Since I started pursuing my writing, starting with blogging,  people have surrounded me with their doubts. I now have proven those people to be small minded and wrong. So, I now have to overcome the stigma of being a female within the adult industry who no longer gets physically naked for money.  What a catch 22!!!

I still get stigmatized as a stripper in the “real world,” but I am not adult enough for the adult industry because I no longer get naked for money. If I have chosen to not have sex on screen or feature dance and I am an ex – stripper from small town Oregon,  people within the Adult Industry now question my credibility. Something must be wrong with me in their eyes because I did not use my body to the fullest in my career as a stripper.  This is something that is very difficult for men in the adult industry to understand, but sex work is hard on one’s heart and soul.  Yes, stripping is sex work. However, I never imagined it to be so when I began. 

The moral of my bath time blog is: People will always underestimate others because we have not walked in their shoes/stilettos.


“Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard.”
Colin Powell

The Real World & Unconditional Love

Adventures Of The Mayor #AVNStyle

Adventures Of The Mayor
Adventures Of The Mayor

I arrived in Vegas for the AVN Expo on Wednesday night after the madness had already began. Normally I arrive in Vegas, get my rental car, and get to my home away from home only to go grocery shopping. However, this trip my roommate informed me there were others getting in for the Expo late who I would be interested in meeting. It had been months since I had been in Vegas(which is a long time), so I was ready to adventure and meet more adult industry people. Networking within the adult industry is half the amazing part of Vegas. I love people and sun and hate judgment. Vegas fits my phase of transition perfectly still, but I am unsure if it will always feel like home away from home. If the past few years say anything about the future, Vegas will be apart of my life for a while to come.

Back to my arrival to Vegas for the AVN Expo and meeting new industry people. The adult industry is like a grab bag of different kinds of people. There are those who use the adult industry as a stepping stone and there are the others who use it as a way to make quick money. The amazing thing about the AVN Expo is it weeded out most of the adult industry workers who use the industry as a way to make fast money. Conventions are for career minded individuals who wish to become more successful. Only a couple of the younger girls in the industry, who I interviewed, seemed to be unknowly used by the industry, rather than using the industry themselves.

So once again back to my point. When I am told I need to meet someone within in the adult industry I never know what to expect. I prefer to associate with people who are using the industry as a stepping stone to follow their dreams and passions, which they turn into realities. These people are the rare few, but the AVN Expo is a great place to find them. I was introduced to Enrique Arellano, a DJ at Solid Gold  Fort Lauderdale and Host of the radio show, “Adventures Of The Mayor.” Can I just say I met my new best friend, just like off the movie “Step Brothers.” After a few hours at the Expo working together, we covered what we would have each covered in a day. So obviously this was going to be an amazing opportunity to maximize exposure and material from our trip to the Expo. After realizing how much we can get done together, I also realized how I have a way of putting people at ease and he has another. This makes total sense if you really think about it. I am a former stripper and he is a fixture as a DJ at a strip club, Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale . Plus, he is based in Florida and I am based in Portland(currently).

A new endeavor which is limitless and apart of the industry I still have yet to explore, game on!

Adventure with us through the adult industry and listen to Adventures Of The Mayor.

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best friends yes

Did We Just Become Best Friends?!?


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