ED Awards-Janine Jericho International Showgirl Of The Year

It is that time of year again! The Gentleman’s Club Expo is coming to Las Vegas and so are the Exotic Dancer Awards. As the summer heats up in the desert, we wait anxiously to see the outcome of the next week of voting.

Janine Jericho is up for International Showgirl Of The Year. I have to kindly ask all my readers to vote for Janine Jericho. She is an amazing woman who inspires so many people within the adult industry.

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Strip Club Journals Sponsors Janine Jericho


I am proud to announce Strip Club Journals is now sponsoring Janine Jericho. She will be at EDI West in Denver June 23-25 and the Gentlemen’s Club Expo in August in Las Vegas.

Janine has many other tour dates between now and August so make sure and check out her tour calendar on her website. This international feature entertainer is someone I am happy to add to the Strip Club Journals network.

Welcome and follow her at:
Twitter @JanineJericho

Instagram @JanineJericho

Only a few know what it is like to travel the world as an entertainer, Janine Jericho is one of those few.




Features Traveling To Success In The Adult Industry

Strip Club Journals Unbound-Dec 2015
Strip Club Journals Unbound-Dec 2015

Thank you to @Justiceofvan @MsNatashaNova & @LoveSimone! <3




Passion With A Pole

Pole dancing is a newer craze in mainstream America, especially for women who have never been able to explore the sexuality of their own body through physicality. In the adult industry, pole dancing is not something new. Pole dancing competitions take place nationwide and in other countries(ex Canada). They allow for the select few females in the adult industry, who are the best and the brightest to all come together. The true performers who shine, entertain, and excel at their craft/career.

There are many different kinds of women who are amazing pole dancers. The variety is almost as breathtaking as some of the gravity defying pole tricks they do with such grace and ease. Yet, there is a common factor I found when interviewing three well-known names within pole dancing competitors in North America;  they all share the common passion of being an entertainer. The money was/is just a perk to these three girls who have nearly perfected their craft. However, the passion of being a performer and being on stage is what keeps these ladies in the adult industry.

This was a commonality I really did not expect. The thought of someone being in the adult industry without the main focus being the immediate payoff(aka the money) is still foreign and hard to wrap my mind around. I remember the winter in my stripping career when lap dances and champagne rooms became more important than pole tricks. Pole tricks stopped being as lucrative as they once were, even though the wear and tear on one’s body stayed the same. Perhaps, this is when I became a true stripper and left pole dancing in the background. I was a stripper for the money I loved being on stage, dancing, pole tricks, meeting new people,defying gravity, and coming home with enough money to buy freedom in my personal life, however I defined it. I adapted to my environment within the adult industry and took the necessary steps to meet my financial goals without crossing my moral or ethical boundaries.

Amber Paige(@AthenaEterna), Bambu Jessica(@BambuJessica), and Justice(@Justiceofvan) all are passionate about performing. They have such diverse stories and backgrounds yet passion is the commonality which keeps all three of them in the adult industry. Money seems only to be a perk or by-product of their passion. These are not women who have to strip, they love to perform and pole dance. Let me say that again. These ladies love to pole dance and are performers/entertainers at heart.

Justice is an extremely unique entertainer from Canada. She was a pleasure to speak with and after our communicating for a few days, I discovered just how successful she is while doing my actual research. It was a bit shocking. After writing in the adult industry for a couple of years, I have noticed many successful entertainers are not pleasant to interview, yet the most successful entertainers are the kindest(Shout out to JJ McGraw owner of Buns and Bowties the show).

Justice( has won 57 titles as of March 2015, including some twice such as Miss Nude Canada. What an amazing human being. Also, being that she is from Canada, her experience as a stripper, burlesque, feature dancer, and pole competitor(just to name a few) has been very different then the average female’s experience in the adult industry within the United States. However, it takes amazing people to make amazing things happen. We hope to see more of her in the United States later this year! Look out for her documentary film which will be released in the beginning of 2016:  Naked Justice(Facebook:  Naked Justice). Also, a big thank you to Bryan Ward Photography for the photos provided of Justice.

“Being at the top of my industry in Canada feels great, but can be stressful at times. Everyone is watching you expecting more…” ~Justice

There are always going to be average people and the above average people in any industry. The simple separating factors seem to be having some kind of passion for what you do and hard work accompanied by business smarts. Residual income is something very difficult to focus on in the adult industry. Especially because there are thousands of dollars in cash going through your hands monthly, sometimes it is more than the average American will make in a year. Yet, looking at a career in the adult industry as a long-term investment is the true goal no matter if you are a production company owner, writer, adult actress, photographer, etc. We all want to be able to leave the industry behind in a way that will forever enhance our lives.

Bambu Jessica(@BambuJessica) is a veteran performer, her career started at age four with gymnastics lessons. She has a true passion for being on stage and performing. Even her body is her canvas decorated with tattoos, piercings, and bright-colored hair. She embodies her passion for art without apologizes. A perfect example would be her involvement with as a model, never has she been able to stray far from the adult industry. She has just recently started featuring dancing. Bambu has found a love for feature dancing that tops all other types of performing. Having been on 10 different television networks and published about 50 times in magazines she is no stranger to the limelight and embraces it.

“I’m in love with being able to take art to different places and make an audience feel something. I want them to feel like they can truly be themselves. That being bizarre and different is celebrated.” ~Bambu Jessica


Amber Paige(@AthenaEterna) is the free spirit of the three women and the first I spoke with. She is somewhat new to pole competitions, but is someone I will enjoy watching to see where she takes her career or maybe where it will take her. Amber is a traveling stripper, pole dance competitor, and web cam model. She has a natural beauty that has a power in itself. This mixed with her youth and willingness to try new things will get her far within the adult entertainment industry if she utilizes it. Her art is dance/pole work, but to achieve her financial goal for her family she will have to learn to be business minded as well. Thus, allowing her to make money while indulging herself in whatever passion she chooses. Passion and heart are the qualities Amber Paige fully embodies.

“One should live to the point of tears.” ~Amber Paige

A career in the adult industry is littered with stigmas and stereotypes. These three women are perfect examples of how facing these challenges can have a large payoff, when passion is involved. Be brave and follow your passion.


Zi-Fi (@ZiFiStripClub)

Special thank you to Chris Meggs( for not only the amazing photos, but the introductions to these three truly amazing ladies.