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Parasite Cleansing After Narcissistic Abuse

Being around toxic people is maddening, because their logic just does not add up. Cluster b personality disordered individuals demand you share in their illogical ideas about life. They will even go as far as gaslighting your reality to make their own reality seem like the gospel. There is nothing worse than a human who refuses to see their own humanity.

One of my most read posts is The Biological Cause Of Personality Disorders. I wrote this post when I was in the beginning stages of parasite cleansing after breaking up with my last narcissist. During this time, I realized how much better I felt and the amount of mentally clarity I gained while parasite cleansing. There had to be a connection, because I could feel my thought process changing for the better. I was becoming the person I used to be before my life was invaded by someone who sold their delusions as black and white reality.

My brain was responding to life in a different way, a familiar better way. When I watched the sunset, I started to feel the calmness of the beauty washing over me. I was able to feel the beauty of the world again. This was a feeling I had lost towards the end of my last relationship. I thought the narcissist had merely sucked all the joy out of my life. However, in reality my brain was operating differently because being with a mentally ill person exposed me to parasites that changed the way my brain and body operated.

“The Toxoplasma gondii parasite has been linked to several mental disorders…those with the most severe infections were three times more likely to have developed generalized anxiety disorder.”

Toxoplasma gondii is shockingly common. About one third of the population has contracted this parasite, but only recently have there been extensive studies that prove the correlation between parasites and mental disorders. In 2012, there was research that linked T. gondii and schizophrenia. Now mental health professionals are starting to realize, “…mental health issues can result from physical ailments.”

“…the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that people with rage disorder are twice as likely to have a parasitic infection…”

If clarity can be found through purifying the human vessel, why should we not attempt it? I have found many people reluctant to search for mental clarity through cleansing the body. The most common response is, “That is too much work” or “That is too complicated.” Why are people so scared of mental health being hard work? Why is parasite cleansing such a foreign concept to some?

When you feel better, you can think better. The logic and research is clearly documented. After a year of parasite cleansing, I am still continuing to try different methods to rid my vessel of parasites. It has been a lot of work and uncomfortable at times, but it has all been worth while. Mental clarity is priceless.

Never would I have guessed parasitic people merely have parasites.



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My favorite detox tool has been diatomaceous earth. Here is a link to my favorite brand. Take a spoonful mixed in water daily and just wait for the magic to happen.

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The Biological Cause Of Personality Disorders

Over the past few months, I have researched the biological cause of personality disorders. With so many toxic people in our society there has to be a physical component to mental disorders and mental health. I went down the rabbit hole with this one, so be open-minded as you read my hypothesis of what causes personality disorders and so many other health conditions in our modern-day society. Also, note that this is just my findings based on a life of toxic people, a career in the adult industry, years of research, and logic.

I was raised in a large extended family. My Mother’s parents immigrated to the US during WWII from Russia and China. My grandparents lived on the west coast and had ten children. These children, my aunts and uncles, have been my research subjects for a lifetime.

Immigrants have a higher rate of personality disorders and mental illness.(1) I did not know this growing up, but I did know that my family was different from most American families. As a child, I assumed this was cultural differences. However, now I know most of them are mentally ill and/or personality disordered.

When I chose a partner in life, I too picked an immigrant who is personality disordered. This was all I knew. In my eyes, family was an uncomfortable group of insecure people who took joy in the barriers and obstacles of one another. They even created more obstacles for each other whenever possible, because they could not share in the joys of each other’s successes. With this kind of family unit there was a vast array of different health conditions and concerns.

First, I looked at ulcers. My partner has ulcerative colitis and I searched for ways to make him healthier, but the real discovery came when I looked at the cause. Ulcers are caused by a parasite and are linked to personality disorders of all kinds.(2) This made sense and the research is limited, but still there to concrete the connections.(3) Therefore, an immigrant with ulcerative colitis is extremely likely to be personality disordered. This starts to bring the cause of personality disorders into perspective with a tangible contagious biological cause/source.

Parasites cause ulcers and are contagious. This explains why being in an intimate relationship with a personality disordered person can cause mental disorders and/or distress.(4) There are so many different points of view on why being close to a person who is mentally ill and/or personality disordered causes troubles, but the one thing that seems to be agreed upon is they do cause “fleas”.(5)

From here, I ran into a study that linked schizophrenia and other mental disorders to parasites.(6) If cats can be linked to spreading parasites that cause mental illnesses what makes us think that people cannot be spreading these parasites that cause mental disorders/diseases/illnesses?(7) There are many studies on this subject and the proof is there. However, it is rarely discussed. If this research was mainstream would anyone go to a mental hospital or inpatient program for mental health?(8)

With this information, I researched parasites in general.(9) Parasites are extremely common throughout the world with millions of people effected and most unknowingly. The research is not ample or extensive because the funding is not there. If many of our health problems are caused by parasites, then the healthcare industry would take a major hit to their profits. Parasites have been known to cause seizures for example. If these people did a natural parasite cleanse rather than taking pharmaceuticals to treat seizures they could find long-term relief. However, there is no profit for the medical/healthcare industry in making people healthy.

With all this information linking together parasites, mental illnesses, personality disorders, ulcers, and immigrants the connections are there. Where will we allow these links to take us?




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