AVN & AEE 2017-Strip Club Journals


Strip Club Journals Unbound-September Prep

SFO Last Week
SFO Last Week-Shopping Day

I sit here at my desk(in Oregon) brainstorming about what to include in my next magazine column(Strip Club Journals Unbound) which has a lingering deadline around the corner. This past month I have traveled across the nation and back and then some. This is the most personal appearances I have made in a very long time for my career and for the big picture, as a business and an individual artist.

I have become the writer at heart I truly am. The woman who prefers to write in her pjs with her puppy, rather than dress up and have hair and makeup done to go to an event to smile and charm people. Networking is apart of my job and yes I do love meeting new people. However, manifesting my dreams is the largest part of my job that no one really sees. I write in the middle of the night staring out at the street lights on empty city weeknights. I take notes at fashion shows with a glass of white wine in my other hand so I do not stain my designer dress. I write on airplanes and get odd looks from the people around me who innocently glance at my computer screen only to be mortified(especially in Utah).

My lifestyle and career have changed. I have changed and I have grown. I have created an amazing platform within the adult industry.

Now what to do with it all is the real question?



“Being my own boss was the best decision I ever made by mistake!” ~Zi-Fi

Sonoma Yesterday
Sonoma Yesterday-Wine Country

Adventures, Dreams, & Goals

Last week was the best week I have had in a very long time. Everything seemed to line up and all started happening as I have hoped and prepared for. Dreams and goals became a reality.

I started the week with a trip to Park City, Utah, then continued to San Diego, and ended the week in Oregon at the Oregon Country Fair. Also to top it all off, while poolside in San Diego I was on my ipad and found out my column Strip Club Journals Unbound is going national!

What a great surprise! What a great week! What a year! What a life! I feel blessed and in shock, still…

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