My New Book: A Decade On A Pole


I am happy to announce my second book now is available on Amazon and iTunes! #ADecadeOnAPole



This book is dear to my heart. My magazine columns, journals, and tips on how to survive the adult industry are all included. I hope this book makes a great ripple effect in some peoples lives and careers.



Special thank you to Robert Bryant​ for being an amazingly patient book editor.
Mitchell Murphy​ and Heath Stillwell​ thank you for years of being amazing magazine editors and putting up with my kind of crazy!

Creating The Life We Live And Love-Strip Club Journals Unbound

Creating The Life We Live And Love-Strip Club Journals Unbound Feb 2016


Miss Pole Champ USA 2015 Natasha Nova-Hustler Club Las Vegas

@MsNatashaNova & @ZiFiStripClub
@MsNatashaNova & @ZiFiStripClub

After scheduling my interview with DJ Lee at Hustler club here in Las Vegas, I found out Natasha Nova was in town(Miss Pole Champ USA 2015). It is amazing how the adult industry works and how even though we rarely stay in one place very long we still gravitate towards one another. I have communicated with Natasha Nova for almost a year(pre Miss Pole Champ USA) and have never actually met her in person. It is funny how many people within the adult industry we bond with before actually meeting. I have to say the thing that shocked me the most was how tiny she is. Yes, she is stronger than a lot of people, but her pictures do not give her cute petite little frame the credit it deserves. Natasha continues to realize the opportunities that have been presented to her and she grabs onto them wholeheartedly. Seeing her transition to fancy has been quite the adventure to watch. I can only imagine how she feels. However, I do know that she radiates tenacity and gratitude.

Dj, dancer, journalist, pole champ… in the adult industry we do not judge we stick together knowing we are the minority who people love to love and love to hate.




Connect with Natasha Nova on Twitter @MsNatashaNova

The Power Of The Truth Corrupts All

penny lane
“It is all happening” ~Penny Lane(Almost Famous)

After realizing words of hidden truths are a powerful tool and the platform I have created add to this power, I am coming to terms with this unique tool I possess. Especially, due to the name of my blog/domain. Finally, I am able to use the stigma of the adult industry to my advantage. The tables are turning in such a drastic way, but I do admit I am loving the change. People have underestimated me since I started writing and I understand it was a long shot for success. However, I have always been one to war for the things I want.

Knowing I possess this rare power is a huge career realization/transformation and something I must learn to use as a tool and not as a drug. For power does corrupt all, even myself at times(for I am just a human too). I find myself wanting to war on life with the truth. However, I have to realize the ramifications of the truth and the collateral damage involved. For example, if I write all the truths about the adult industry, no one in the adult industry will want to work with or associate with Strip Club Journals/Strip Club Journals Unbound etc. However, if I choose wisely which truths to expose/cover then I am going to gain readership and respect within the industry. It all comes down to the old saying, “Pick your battles wisely”. So, I have started a journal of all the truths that I hold back from writing here publicly for safe keeping till I decide which battles I choose to war on. One must act and not react, but one also must be aware of the fact:  just because something is currently not visible does not mean it does not exist.

I have realized my power and the ripple effects I can make. Now is the time to harness this power for my greatest purpose and create some boundaries for my career and my life.

This is the beginning of a beautiful chapter of life where my career will explosively blossom.



“You’ll meet them all again on their long journey to the middle.” -Lester Bangs(Almost Famous)

Features Traveling To Success In The Adult Industry

Traveling is a large part of the equation of becoming one of the best of the best in the adult industry. Creating a large fan base adds to a feature dancer’s value. Thus, why feature dancers often travel on a regular basis. The world recognizes and sees the talent, skill, and beauty feature dancers embody when on stage, but often forget to remember this “glamorous life” comes with a price tag not many can afford.
Natasha Nova(@MsNatashaNova) is Miss Pole Champ USA 2015(crowned by the amazing Vayda Kiss in May) and EDI East Newcomer of the Year 2015. After seven years in the adult industry, she has just started getting her feet wet in feature dancing on the east coast. Natasha Nova is still in the transition of going from having a home club, to venturing out of her comfort zone and state on a regular basis. However, she has been quick to catch on to the ways of the adult industry and how one must seize the moment. Probably due to her background working for a marketing firm before she entered the adult industry. Winning Miss Pole Champ USA 2015 and EDI East Newcomer of the Year 2015 was perhaps the easy part for Natasha Nova, the hard part is making the most of it career wise. When new to the adult industry on a national and international level we all make mistakes, but we have to make the most of them and be open to learning and trying new things/places.
In Natasha Nova’s recent travels, she has embraced the travel/tour life by not only working, but experiencing the places and sights she sees along the way, she refers to herself as an “experience junkie.” The beginning of a feature dancing career is when it is easy to get excited to see all things new. Jacquie the Costume lady who custom designs, one of a kind, outfits for many feature dancers within the adult industry has found another great customer. This is a new chapter in life for Natasha Nova, which she will remember and cherish for a lifetime. People dream of being where she is now. Unfortunately, the novelty of traveling in the adult industry wears off after time, but is always a blessing to be thankful for. Seeing the world is a privilege most people will never know. Natasha Nova is aware of this privilege and is wholeheartedly embracing it. Although, she does already admit to missing her two dogs when she is on the road and personal relationships being more difficult.
Simone DanaLustrous(@LoveSimone) has been in the adult industry for ten years and a feature dancer for five of those years. She is two time Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year(2014 and 2015) and two time Miss Nude North America(2012 and 2013). With the time and wisdom that comes with growth within the adult industry on a national and international level, she radiates passion and tenacity even through email.
“No one takes into account that we have lives behind the smiles and sequins.” ~Simone DanaLustrous
Simone DanaLustrous is more than willing to admit the sacrifices she continues to make in order to be successful as a feature dancer. Leaving her child behind most weekends, not being there for important moments for family/friends, and not having good luck with relationships because men often cannot deal with an independent woman in the adult industry who is not around most the time.  However, she is compassionate enough to not blame others for their need to have her as an active participant in their life and their big moments.
“Either way, people’s opinion of me and my work is not going to stop me from doing it. I love it too much to quit.” ~Simone DanaLustrous
Those of us in the adult industry have to understand we value things differently than most people because we have chosen to have an uncommon career. We cannot apologize for the way we choose to live our lives. Simone DanaLustrous has taken this understanding to a new level, we cannot short change people in personal relationships of what they desire and need.
This understanding is the root of the demand for adult entertainers. Thus, if we are honest with ourselves job security is a payoff of this need. Human beings need people around us to care about us and share our lives with. Who are adult industry entertainers supposed to share their lives with though? They are so busy catering to the needs of others for a living, while traveling the nation and trying to have their own personal life to top it off.
Justice(@Justiceofvan), Miss Nude Canada 2015, has been extremely busy in the past few weeks traveling to fulfill her duties as Miss Nude Canada 2015 and making other appearances. She did take the time out to answer a few questions, as an entertainer always should make time for their fan base and/or an opportunity to increase their fan base. Justice also is facing the challenges of having a lasting relationship while existing in the adult industry. She just ended a ten-year relationship. However, she did tell me that she would like to be a stay at home mom after she finishes with the adult industry. We all have different end games in the adult industry and they change throughout our careers and with our experiences.
The grass is not always greener in stilettos.
A very special thank you to Simone DanaLustrous!
Connect with her to keep up with her adventures!

Twitter @LoveSimone

Instagram @LoveSimone

Periscope @LoveSimone

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