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The ED Awards will be held August 28-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the voting taking place now is setting the tone for the awards ceremony to come.

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Annually, the ED Awards celebrate the best of the best of the strip club industry. This is a rare opportunity to network and socialize with people within the strip club industry. These are the people who can relate to our lives and careers. Relating to others about what is ordinary to us, but yet is always extraordinary to everyone else.
Anthony “Binger” Bellao has been a strip club DJ for about 20 years. He started at one of the very first Pure Gold clubs and has spent the last nine years at The Penthouse Club in The French Quarter of New Orleans.
Binger is just one of 10 DJs nominated for DJ of the Year. However, his skill and consistent presence in the strip club industry set him apart from the rest. Binger may be the self-proclaimed ringleader for a reason!
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“Get on there and vote for all of the categories. Especially the ones that have Penthouse Club listed, like best club chain of the year.” ~Binger

ED Awards Nominations

The ED Awards(Exotic Dancer Awards) are held annually at the Gentlemen’s Club Owner’s Expo in August. These awards vary in category from Club Favorite Feature Dancer to DJ of The Year. Voting determines the winners and the nominations have started like wild fire.

Be apart of the madness and vote today … There are only five days left to take part in the preliminary nominations!

Vote for Katie Sutra for Club Favorite Feature 2016

Katie Sutra ED Awards
Photo By: Richard Kent

… And let us not forget DJ of The Year 2016:  Vote DJ Swaggle

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Having people from outside the adult/strip club industry take part is more than half the fun! Just vote so we all can have some fun!




Panda Pandamonium

PANDA is the Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association(@PandaMembers1). They represent the best of the best when it comes to strip club industry DJs nationwide. The PANDA association is working to make the strip club industry a better place not only for DJs, but all strip club workers.

The PANDA association has created a national network of strip club DJs, who have never had the opportunity to network as they do now. With the powerful tool of the internet strip club DJs from all over have gotten the opportunity to connect with others, who can relate to the shoes they put on to go to work every night. With all the different markets and demographics of strip clubs this has proven to be a great tool enabling strip club DJs to gain information they would otherwise never get the chance to gain other than firsthand.

Dane Hansen(@ttbardj_lv), President of the board of directors of PANDA and Ilan Fong(@IlanFong), Secretary of the board of directors of the PANDA have been extremely willing to collaborate to create more positive exposure for the strip club industry. PANDA helps DJs do everything from find the top music of the week to find affordable healthcare(yes, healthcare!). Mainstream America may not be aware, but being a strip club DJ is a rare career few get the option of entertaining. Just as in any career/industry, being the best of the best takes passion and hard work. These men and a few women have worked incredibly hard to be where they are today.

Pandas from all over the nation will gather in Colorado April 23th for Pandamonium. Stay tuned for their updates for the year to come!

Twitter (@PandaMembers1)




Check out it is a social media site for all strip club workers, which is also apart of the ripple effect Panda is making on the future of the strip club industry. @Wiazzadotcom

Wiazza-Strip Club Social Media

@Wiazzadotcom is a brand new social media site. This site was created to be used by the strip club industry nationally and internationally. “The LinkedIn of the Strip Club Industry,” is now available for all in the industry. Djs, bartenders, bouncers, bloggers, journalists, photographers, feature dancers, strippers, traveling strippers, door girls, cocktail waitresses, and anyone else working in the strip club industry finally has a platform to utilize each others information about the industry. A platform to meet other individuals in the strip club industry we would otherwise have no access to.

Many small town strip clubs do not provide the opportunity to meet the diversity found in the strip club industry nationally/internationally. What if you are new to the strip club industry and would like to try traveling, where would you turn/start? Well, now finally dancers/strippers have the opportunity to network not just in person, but also online in order find the information they desire. Long money is the goal when working in a strip club, (though it is hard to see when you are nude in plastic six inch heels). The stigma of the strip club industry will follow you for a lifetime. The degree will varying depending on the position you held in the strip club industry and the person/people you are addressing. Therefore, it is our own responsibility to monetize the strip club industry as much as possible in our favor and work smarter rather than harder(pun intended).

Make connections and monetize your career in the strip club industry in as many ways as possible. Not all money or exposure is going to made in the black lights of a club for the best of the best. If you have not seen or heard what the others are experiencing in the industry than how do you know your experience is as amazing as it could be, even if it is great now in your point of view.

Make connections, get exposure, monetize your career, and make some friends along the way!




“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” ~Paul J. Meyer

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