Going Home In Oregon

After coming home from Las Vegas and the AVN Expo, Portland has felt so very small. The feeling of wanting to run had been flowing through my veins. On Sunday, I had to escape to Eugene if I was going to retain any of my sanity. When I am in Oregon and surrounded by small minded people I want to at least be near my family. There is something large to be said for the human factor in the equation of life. Especially after surviving the adult industry for years its importance is multiplied.

So long story short, I am back in front of my computer to catch up for a bit on my blog. My magazine column(Strip Club Journals Unbound) is finished for March. And I am Las Vegas bound this weekend for photos and fun.

May we all manifest our dreams!



“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” ~John F. Kennedy


AVN 2015 Las Vegas
AVN 2015 Las Vegas

Three years ago

Sitting on my bed in Oregon with a laptop on a rainy fall evening. A stranger messaged me on Facebook. This was and is a very common occurrence. However, little did I know this person would become apart of my heart and life for years to come.

A young 19 year old boy from southern California who was/is pursuing a music career had read my blog and found me on Facebook. This was a little unsettling, because readers normally assume they know it all about me. When in reality I just allow them a window into my heart and soul, not an all access pass. After we chatted for awhile, I knew he and I had/have similar outlooks on our careers. We both loved to entertain and shine on stage and off. Not many people can relate to this feeling. It is this energy that keeps entertainers alive and motivated.

Finding someone who can relate to being in the public eye and is passionate about what they create is rare. Many people seek fame. I seek success and have a need to be surrounded by positive people. These people are rare and hard to find. Yet, I found one from California in my bedroom in Oregon on a rainy fall evening.



Music And Writing Blend #Whiteakerblockparty


All art seems to blend together when it comes to marketing and promotions, making a career out of a passion. Often I meet others who work in the entertainment industry and/or adult industry to brainstorm exposure ideas. Exposure is the key to any art and artist getting known and maintaining a career in any aspect of the entertainment industry. The simplest ideas are sometimes the amazing missing piece to the puzzle.

Sharing ideas and networking with people is the key to success. However, it can get old and boring always having drinks and dinners for work meetings. So, sometimes it is nice to shake things up and do something new. Last night, while meeting with the owner of Caddy Beats( I decided to be adventurous and he was along for the ride. There are still things I find in Eugene that remind me why I love it so much here .

The Whiteaker Block Party was an amazing experience. I was reminded of how diverse Eugene really is. The hippie culture has never really left here. It is almost like a time warp to before people adapted to corporate slavery, when they still had dreams of freedom rather than defeat.

The houses on the streets that were on the party blocks have had years to set up stages in their front yards with live music. This yearly event is huge for the comunity, obviously some people look forward to this all year. It was a fun little adventure to get a window into their worlds.

Live and let live.


Check out @Caddybeats

“Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.”
~Richard P. Feynman


The Week It All Started Happening(Part 3)


After starting my week in Utah and spending a couple nights in San Diego, I returned home to Oregon to go to the Oregon Country Fair. Rarely am I so excited to come home, but after a great trip to Utah with some quality time, a few days of wandering in a beach city, and receiving amazing news about my magazine column I was on cloud nine. Everything was falling into place nicely, as I have worked on for years. Going to Oregon Country Fair when I came home was just icing on the cake and a way to remember my roots. I may achieve great things, but I have to honor the small town girl I am at heart to truly appreciate my sucess/achievements.

Thursday night I arrived in Eugene late and did not get home till around midnight, but was up the next morning to go out to the fair. Anyone who has ever been and/or heard of the Oregon Country Fair knows how magical it is. This year on my way home, I met a lady in the Salt Lake City airport(from the East coast) who was traveling to Oregon just for the fair. A couple years ago on fair weekend, I left the Eugene airport Sunday on a flight to San Francisco and it was the most colorful flight I have ever exeriened. I do not remember my final destination but I do remember this flight.

Overall, the Oregon Country Fair brightened and lightened my heart and soul. It is great to realize I can achieve in the fantasy we have created as a society and call reality, yet still have my hippie roots. I know there is more truth to be found at a festival than in the corporate world or a strip club. However, we all choose how much we buy into this “reality”.

My successful week where it all started happening turned into a reality and a way of life at the fair that I always knew was possible. I just had not found the right balance, that is until now!


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

What A Weekend

Photo: Game day!!! :-)

What a weekend!! I managed to mix a little fun in while working this weekend in Salem and Eugene. Friday night I worked in Salem, but left an hour early to beat the drunken traffic on a late night interstate. Saturday afternoon, I went to the Oregon Ducks football game to promote for the chain I work for in Pdx and occasionally here in town. Then Saturday night, I worked in town for the first time in months.

So much to process in so little time!



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