feeling naked

Morning Rambles-Friday Oct 20, 2017

I woke up this morning started some laundry, made coffee and my bed, took niacin, and grabbed my laptop. Now, here I sit on my yoga mat. This is a typical morning at home for me. I live alone with my two dogs in a house by a golf course in the desert(golf starts early). Many people see alone as a bad thing, but I have been surrounded by strangers for the majority of my adult life. So, this is a nice change of pace.

The boundaries I have created include a manned gate to my house and even more gates to my heart. Not many understand my need for privacy. Feeling naked to the world is not something that only sex workers and/or strippers feel. It is the feeling of going out of your comfort zone to be the most raw version of yourself. This is what I felt every night I went to work as a stripper. Naked to the world, literally and figuratively, and on display for the enjoyment of others. However, being able to tolerate the feeling of being naked and on display outside of the strip club industry is a bit more of a challenge.




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