Cluster B Personality Disorders-The Persona of Evil

Cluster B personality disorders are something we do not talk about in society often enough. These people are biologically different from the rest of society:  inhuman humans. Empathy is the massive missing key they will never attain. Cluster B people cannot correct their disorder with medication and/or therapy. However, their behaviors can be changed on a conscious level if they choose to address them.

Have you ever seen a person with hollow empty eyes? A person who seems to be missing their soul? Have you noticed someone with the absence of empathy or ability to relate to others? Do you know someone who believes they are extremely better than everyone else? These people have personality disorders.

Borderline Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder are all cluster B personality disorders. BPD people have experienced trauma before 18 months of age and their brain activity reflects their lack of ability to process and feel emotions. Being human to them is not an option biologically. They are the emotional cluster B personality disorder:  emotionally unstable and unregulated. BPD people often grow into a “dark triad” due to their mistreatment of others. If they admitted and took accountability for their actions their self-perception would be damaged.

People with BPD move on to become covert narcissists and sociopaths. This sounds outlandish right? Yes, it does, but it is way easier to believe in cluster B personality disorders than these people having a heart just like you and me. They believe they are good people because they do not possess the feelings the rest of us do that enable us to identify how we are making others feel. If you cannot feel the pain you cause others, then you will just cause more pain. The way their brain works is sadly simple and noncomplex.

These are black and white people who do not see shades of grey!




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What I Have Not Talked About Lately: Sugar


The sugar bowl is rough on everyone’s heart and soul. I have not written about it much lately because I thought I was beyond this point in my relationship. Well, beginnings always seem to resurface as well as insecurities and general differences in lifestyle. I love being with just one person, yes it is very different. However, it is a pleasant change,

Working to make a sugar relationship a somewhat traditional relationship is a difficult process which takes two to make it work. The sacrifices I have made to be here are huge, but the payoff is worth it. Having someone loving and accepting to be there for me no matter what I have done or do for work.

Sometimes sacrifices are not seen and it is hurtful.



“We just can’t shake monogamy. It definitely demands a kind of rigor and discipline and selflessness. But it’s also fun.” ~Claire Danes

Why I Do Not Blog Much Lately

Since, I stopped stripping my life has changed. No longer do I meet crazy new people regularly. Also, I rarely meet Pots. I have my two Sds who I enjoy and care for. They each highlight a different part of myself forcing me to evolve and go outside of my comfort zone.

However, blogging about my feelings is just not conducive to my livelihood. There are many feelings I write about, but I am not willing to share these feelings with the world yet. There are not supposed to be too many feelings in sugar. Of course, we develop a relationship, but talking feelings is very taboo. Until both parties are able to do so, rarely does it happen. I am grateful and blessed that I have relationships with both my Sds and can voice my opinions and feelings.

This is the tight rope I walk, I must be careful not to abuse this freedom.



Feelings For A Sugar Daddy?!?

“Do you have feelings for your sugar daddy?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I receive. And the answer is very difficult to encompass. Yes, of course, I enjoy their company, otherwise I would not spend time with them. Men who want a sugar baby are a dime a dozen, just as women who think their looks will get them everything they want effortlessly are endless. The key for me is finding someone I enjoy, spending time with them, and getting to know who they really are in their daily life.

My most rewarding sugar relationships are where I just get to be myself and I receive the same in return. The Certain One is the one who was the most open about who he truly was and we have spent the longest periods of time together. Getting myself to commit to a couple weeks or a month at a time with a location, let alone a person is normally a difficult task. However, with a few select people it does not feel suffocating like most commitments do.

So, yes I do have feelings for my sugar daddies. However, like any relationship trust and connection are something built together over time. Arrangements can be agreed upon, however relationships must grow. Sugar, in my world, requires being the multi dimensional people we truly are, not just a cookie cutter version of what people think others desire.