how to recover from narcissistic abuse

Spiritual Awakening After Narcissistic Abuse

After learning about Narcissists and Cluster B Personality Disorders, my whole life changed. No longer did I try to connect with my family and/or my partner in life. Finally realizing that “these people” are never going to understand me or my way of thinking. I found freedom from the chains that had held me stuck for a lifetime. The gap I had tried to bridge was like trying to get a black and white television to play in Technicolor. Cluster B personality disordered people are very much like a black and white television.

Realizing and coming to terms with the fact that I grew up in a Russian Orthodox Narcissistic multi-generational family cult was overwhelming. The facts went together easily, but the feelings in my heart did not follow with such ease. I still find myself pushing my emotional spectrum onto my family members and ex-partner in vain. For now, I know that biologically they do not have the ability to understand how my mind works and/or see the world in Technicolor.

After learning about my family, my partner, and narcissism my world collapsed as I knew it. I was no longer the “crazy” person I had been raised to believe I was. I am literally the only sane person in a large extended family where herd mentality rules. Learning that my struggles throughout my life had a rhyme and reason was the largest dose of freedom I have ever received.

How can one continue on this journey in life without having a spiritual awakening after learning of the lies they lived for a lifetime?



How To Recover From Narcissistic Abuse-12 Steps

After reading my last post(Signs You Have Experienced Narcissistic Abuse) and realizing you are suffering from Narcissistic abuse, what do you do now? Information is overwhelming and swirling through your head and up looks like down and right looks like left. Start here to get your equilibrium back.

How to recover from Narcissistic abuse:

  1. Go “No Contact”.
  2. Set healthy boundaries.
  3. Acknowledge the truth & forgive yourself.
  4. Heal your inner child.
  5. Activate your Vagus nerve & do an adrenal reset.
  6. Learn grounding techniques & self soothing.
  7. Allow yourself to grieve & be angry.
  8. Seek professional help.
  9. Work on self-esteem.
  10. Focus on things that you can control(ex. your own behavior).
  11. Understand why the narcissist acts the way they do.
  12. Remember narcissists are incapable of real feelings.

This is just a short list of things that will aid you in the healing process after narcissistic abuse. Be kind to yourself and learn to love the person you are, while starting this journey to be the best you possible. This is just the beginning of a beautiful journey to find the true you, the best version of yourself. Be patient with yourself and practise self-care along your journey.



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