Where’d Zi Go?


About three years ago I stopped blogging about my personal life. Before that my blog was filled with strip club and sugar experiences. However, then I dived into journalism and decided to keep my story to myself. In retrospect, this was probably one of the biggest mistakes I made in my writing career and branding Strip Club Journals. In keeping my story to myself and shutting out the outside world I shut out my readers and for this I apologize. I was not living in my truth for the sake of others. So here we are with a new beginning this fall and I intend to catch y’all up and let you have a little window into what my life is like now.

What is the last thing you remember reading?
  • Do you remember Mr. Utah?
  • A1?
  • Do you remember when I moved?
  • Did you know just Haywood and I drove to Vegas together to start our new life here?
  • Where should I start with my adventures into ordinary?
Please comment!

New Instagram @ZiFi_Writing

IG @ZiFi_Writing

I have finally given into social media! So, in my efforts to reach more people I have started a public Instagram. Ever wonder what my day looks like? Or what my random thoughts are? Or what my behind the scenes rambles are? Well here is your opportunity to witness my madness … I hope you enjoy the window into my life!



As Summer Comes To An End


Fall nears and I wonder what all will happen during the busy season before year-end. Moving to a different house in Las Vegas this month has been a cramp in my style. Plus, I am experiencing extreme burn out after writing and publishing two books this past year. So, the logical step is to take a step back, relax, and fine tune everything before I go forward.

Oregon bound in a couple of days for some responsibilities. It is like a working vacation mixed with some family. I am excited to eat the amazing food in Oregon. I miss the farm fresh restaurants and how many vegan and gluten-free options they have available.

I wish I had more to update y’all on, but searching for houses has really made me question how some people live? The struggle of first world problems has been extremely intense.



Folly My New Public Instagram!


Exxxotica Denver 2017-Print

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