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Strip Club Journals 2018


Never did I imagine, I would still be writing this blog three years after retiring from stripping. I started Strip Club Journals in 2010 to process the emotions and experiences I faced in the adult industry. So where do I go from here?… Well the “real world” is without clear boundaries and this makes people flop like a fish trying to create their own boundaries. After leaving the adult industry, I found people actively trying to erode my personal boundaries and telling me I did not need them any longer because I was no longer surrounded by predators in the adult industry.

Well, these people are the predators. When people try to talk you out of your boundaries they are really just trying to manipulate you! This is something that is overwhelmingly common in the “real world”. Yes, people in the adult industry may try to talk you out of your boundaries. However, when you say “No” they normally stop trying or move onto someone else who is more willing to change their boundaries without a fight. The path of least resistance is a lot cheaper in the adult industry, but in the “real world” people can afford to try to erode your boundaries because there is no cost to them for trying. Talk about confusing and unacceptable!

Where do I go from here with all this information? What kind of books will I write in the future? Will the “real world” get easier as the stigma of the adult industry fades? How do I incorporate all this information into my writing? Have you read about Narcissists? How is our culture becoming more and more like two people who use each other as a tool for masturbation?… So the questions are overwhelming… Stay tuned as I find the answers!

Happy New Year!



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Where’d Zi Go?


About three years ago I stopped blogging about my personal life. Before that my blog was filled with strip club and sugar experiences. However, then I dived into journalism and decided to keep my story to myself. In retrospect, this was probably one of the biggest mistakes I made in my writing career and branding Strip Club Journals. In keeping my story to myself and shutting out the outside world I shut out my readers and for this I apologize. I was not living in my truth for the sake of others. So here we are with a new beginning this fall and I intend to catch y’all up and let you have a little window into what my life is like now.

What is the last thing you remember reading?
  • Do you remember Mr. Utah?
  • A1?
  • Do you remember when I moved?
  • Did you know just Haywood and I drove to Vegas together to start our new life here?
  • Where should I start with my adventures into ordinary?
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8230 Campana Drive Las Vegas-Buyer Beware

Can you find the old repaired leak that is leaking again?

This was above my bed in my bedroom at my old house. This, the mold, the leaky water heater, the confrontational cheap landlord, and so many other things are why I decided to move. The landlord did try to sell the house to us for 400k, but it’s like buying a health hazard!

When there have been leaks in the past that were not fixed correctly, there will be mold. Where there are more leaks there will be even more mold.

Some children were just never taught to take care of their things!

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8230 Campana Drive
Las Vegas NV 89147

When Tragedy is Reality-Las Vegas

This morning I woke up to text messages asking , “Are you okay?” On a Monday morning this is not the norm as it once would have been. As I woke up reality sunk in, there was a shooting at a country music festival held at Mandalay Bay last night. I enjoy this venue and am lucky to have not been there. This is one of those times in life where we ask ourselves, “Why?”

What is the reason behind all this madness?

What do you do when the madness is in your own backyard?

Is this a gun control problem or a people control problem?

Please comment with your thoughts.

Much Love




Lynn Vega-BTS

Photo @IamIvanxxx

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Lynn Vega(@Lynnvegaxxx) on set of a girl-girl content shoot. She is a tiny little thing who entered the adult industry as a webcam model in 2013. With a BA in early childhood education the adult industry is not somewhere I would expect to find her.

At the 2015 AE Expo in Las Vegas, Lynn Vega was discovered. Out of the thousands of beautiful women walking the convention floors of the Hard Rock Hotel, she was picked out of the crowds by Girlfriend Films(@GF_Films) to do a girl-girl scene. The next month, Lynn Vega made her way to Los Angeles to do her first girl-girl scene and her entrance into the adult film industry was made. This is the most graceful entrance I have heard. Especially because after Lynn did her first scene she took a six month break from shooting to see if adult films were really for her.

“​​It​ ​came​ ​down​ ​to​ ​being​ ​comfortable​ ​and​ ​confident​,.” ~Lynn Vega

Now two years later Lynn has established herself in the adult industry and continues to search for her niche. Although, she did mention how her Skype dates and custom videos keep her pretty busy. Lynn pushes the boundaries on being a virtual girlfriend. She had me blushing with her creativity and use of technology.

Check out her website and taste a little of what she has to offer.

I look forward to watching her grow within the adult industry.




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