The Me Too movement has been an eye-opening experience for many people. After a career in the adult industry, I could write a novel on assault, abuse, and patriarchal male entitlement. However, just because I retired I am still not retired from dealing with the shit men pull or try to pull. The sad part is most of them do not even realize what they are doing.

Social media is something I have been actively focusing on. Well with growth comes new people/men. I hate social media for work because of the stupid comments made mostly by men. For something that was made for fun, being social on social media is far from fun. The most common comment I hate is, “But you still look good.”

  • First of all, I did not stop stripping because I suddenly got fat and ugly.
  • Just because I was a sex worker who retired does not mean I have lost my sexuality.
  • I am under no obligation to put on my warpaint(makeup) to be appealing to the average man.
  • Why would I want to get all made up for social media(which is free) when I spent a decade in black lights fake as a wedding cake for a job?
  • Who the fuck are these men to comment on my career decision-making?

Even till this day men, their entitlement issues, and inferiority complexes are something I have to bypass in order to succeed. I did avoid the abusive patriarchy by avoiding public social media and the general public for the first couple years after I retired from stripping. However, I am tired of isolating myself so I no longer have to deal with entitled men. It is time to live like females rule the world.

Close your legs and open your hand, nothing in this life is free!