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11 Tips On How To Acknowledge The Truth & Forgive Yourself After Narcissistic Abuse

Realizing you were living in a fake reality is one of the hardest parts of recovering from Narcissistic abuse. No one wants to believe someone they loved would want to con them. However, this is the reality when it comes to narcissistic abuse. Narcissists are not capable of real love and so they use love as a weapon.

Here are 11 tips on how to acknowledge the truth and forgive yourself after narcissistic abuse:

  1. Realize this was not a real relationship.
  2. They controlled you to gain power.
  3. The Narc had complete cognitive knowledge of what they were doing.
  4. The abuse was a working mechanism that the Narc used to control you, manage you down, isolate you, disable you and use you to meet their needs.
  5. The why does not matter, you cannot fix a personality disordered person.
  6. Love was used to con you into the abuse by gaining your trust and commitment to them.
  7. Intellectually understand this is a personality disordered person.
  8. Emotionally realize this was Not Real love.
  9. Purge the negative messages that were planted in your head-these were only put there to control you.
  10. Take care of yourself-mentally and physically.
  11. You have the ability to achieve true happiness and the ability to love normally, the Narc does not have this option/ability.



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