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Managing Cluster B Personalities

Cluster B personality disordered people are meant to be managed. If you do not manage them, they will try to manage you and put you in a role in the play they call their life. These people are evil at their core, because they do not have empathy and they will try to distort your reality to fit their agenda. Denying others reality is one of their favorite pastimes. Cluster B personality disorders love to create chaos and make others live in a false reality. If they do not have the ability live in reality, why should you?

Are you in a close relationship with a cluster b personality disordered person? Well, it is time to leave them in the past and go no contact. Which sounds easy enough, right? However, if you have been with them for a period of time prepare for your reality to shift. Addiction to the lies they have feed you and their negative energy is real. Coming back to reality is a must though to recover from the pathology one has been exposed to after being in an intimate relationship with a cluster b personality disordered person.

Watch this video from Richard Grannon on how to manage contact with a cluster b personality.

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Not always is no contact an option. In these cases, learn about the grey rock technique and use it when communicating with these disordered people.

Watch this video from Angie Atkinson to learn about the grey rock technique.

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In everyday life we are going to run into personality disordered people. Learning to deal with these people and overcome their manipulation tactics is the only way to disarm them. They are used to getting their way and often are baffled when their manipulation tactics do not work(Click Here for a list of their manipulation tactics)

Arm yourself with knowledge to war with cluster b personality disorders and win because reality is on your side.