Realty Edge-A Toxic Business


Realty Edge is a real estate firm in Portland, Oregon and now in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tae Roh is one of the owners of this firm. People rarely think to question the personal lives of people who own businesses like this. It is often thought that in order to be successful in business one must have a moral compass of some sort or at least ethics. Well this is probably a naive thought.

Last October when Tae Roh(Tim Roh) and I moved to a home in the Spanish Trail Association in Las Vegas, I started to see completely through the false persona he had been selling me since 2014. After years of his false reality being sold to me as actual reality, I stopped asking so many questions. However there are some things that cannot be hidden forever.

I started seeing Tae Roh in 2014, when he found me on Seeking Arrangement. I was a sugar baby and stripper who was looking for a Sugar Daddy when I was still living in Oregon. These relationships are an experience to say the least. Is Michael O’Meara, a partner at Reality Edge, aware of the double life that Tae Roh has been living?

Tae Roh and I entered into a civil union January 1, 2017. What would it be like to have your business partner lie to you? If the owners of Realty Edge cannot be honest with each other, who can they be honest with?

Glass houses seem to be the trend when it comes to Real Estate.


Realty Edge’s Ultimatum


Once the conservative realty firm Realty Edge of Clackamas, Oregon discovered one of its partners found his last girlfriend on I was informed they gave him an ultimatum. If he continues to see her, then he will be pushed out of the company and not get compensated properly for his work over the past 5 years. Well, I wonder what they would have said if they found out he was gay?

They are conservative Republicans and cling to their glass houses, which is ironic due to them being in the real estate business. However, nothing has changed other than the ultimatum has made him want to keep her more. We always want what we are told we cannot have. Now I live in Vegas full-time and have freedom, in exchange for waiting for my back pay and keeping semi quiet about everything I know of their ill behavior and beliefs.

Well glass houses shatter. I hope the family members of Realty Edge’s employees are aware of how the people they are involved with and love act at work. If they gave one of the partners this ultimatum then it is very clear they wish to keep their actions hidden and their glass houses in tact. I wonder if they would mind if  he was a John?

They may have this issue because they have made him more of a fake than ever before!




Feelings For A Sugar Daddy?!?

“Do you have feelings for your sugar daddy?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I receive. And the answer is very difficult to encompass. Yes, of course, I enjoy their company, otherwise I would not spend time with them. Men who want a sugar baby are a dime a dozen, just as women who think their looks will get them everything they want effortlessly are endless. The key for me is finding someone I enjoy, spending time with them, and getting to know who they really are in their daily life.

My most rewarding sugar relationships are where I just get to be myself and I receive the same in return. The Certain One is the one who was the most open about who he truly was and we have spent the longest periods of time together. Getting myself to commit to a couple weeks or a month at a time with a location, let alone a person is normally a difficult task. However, with a few select people it does not feel suffocating like most commitments do.

So, yes I do have feelings for my sugar daddies. However, like any relationship trust and connection are something built together over time. Arrangements can be agreed upon, however relationships must grow. Sugar, in my world, requires being the multi dimensional people we truly are, not just a cookie cutter version of what people think others desire.