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Strip Club Journals… But Why?

I started my blog to protect myself from unkind people and as a defense mechanism. I am not looking for pity or sympathy. Strip Club Journals is merely a way to protect myself from abusive/dysfunctional people and educate society of social norms they may have never questioned. Today, I realized I have the power. I have the power to make people live in the truth of their actions and that is what scares them. Especially, to have to do this publicly with their flaws and faults is terrifying.
This could be why my partner restricted my blogging about personal events. Especially, events that include him and may not be common knowledge.
Happy anniversary!
A1 and I will be celebrating the first anniversary of our civil union on the New Year. What do you think he will get me? Do you think he still spoils me like he did when he found me on as a sugar baby/stripper? We will all find out in a few weeks!
“Trauma lives in the dark.” -Soul GPS

Enter To Win “A Decade On A Pole”


Enter to win a copy of my 2nd book “A Decade on a Pole” 

It has been a year since I published my first book, “So You Got New Boobs Now What?” After my second book, “A Decade on a Pole”, I have been taking time off to simmer on life. Of course, I came up with book three concept and manifestation while simmering, but doing absolutely nothing is not my strong suit.

After a career of rushing, deadlines, pressure, stress, traveling, exercise, and embodying sexuality and superficial appearances; multitasking is kind of my thing. I do not know how not to work, but I am really good at working in unconventional ways. So while I find more ways to work and distract myself from writing, check out my book “A Decade on a Pole.”

This book is an inside look into what it is like to be a strip club dancer. What are the emotions, thoughts, and strategies used to survive the adult industry and sex work?

Well, here I am your window into a strip club dancer!



Are Strippers Sex Workers?

At the end of the day, I differentiate a sex worker and an entertainer by the amount of time they spend naked on a stranger’s lap. If you spend the same amount of time or more time naked on a stranger’s lap than on a stage you are probably a sex worker.
*Said with Love*