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It has been a year since I published my first book, “So You Got New Boobs Now What?” After my second book, “A Decade on a Pole”, I have been taking time off to simmer on life. Of course, I came up with book three concept and manifestation while simmering, but doing absolutely nothing is not my strong suit.

After a career of rushing, deadlines, pressure, stress, traveling, exercise, and embodying sexuality and superficial appearances; multitasking is kind of my thing. I do not know how not to work, but I am really good at working in unconventional ways. So while I find more ways to work and distract myself from writing, check out my book “A Decade on a Pole.”

This book is an inside look into what it is like to be a strip club dancer. What are the emotions, thoughts, and strategies used to survive the adult industry and sex work?

Well, here I am your window into a strip club dancer!




The Me Too movement has been an eye-opening experience for many people. After a career in the adult industry, I could write a novel on assault, abuse, and patriarchal male entitlement. However, just because I retired I am still not retired from dealing with the shit men pull or try to pull. The sad part is most of them do not even realize what they are doing.

Social media is something I have been actively focusing on. Well with growth comes new people/men. I hate social media for work because of the stupid comments made mostly by men. For something that was made for fun, being social on social media is far from fun. The most common comment I hate is, “But you still look good.”

  • First of all, I did not stop stripping because I suddenly got fat and ugly.
  • Just because I was a sex worker who retired does not mean I have lost my sexuality.
  • I am under no obligation to put on my warpaint(makeup) to be appealing to the average man.
  • Why would I want to get all made up for social media(which is free) when I spent a decade in black lights fake as a wedding cake for a job?
  • Who the fuck are these men to comment on my career decision-making?

Even till this day men, their entitlement issues, and inferiority complexes are something I have to bypass in order to succeed. I did avoid the abusive patriarchy by avoiding public social media and the general public for the first couple years after I retired from stripping. However, I am tired of isolating myself so I no longer have to deal with entitled men. It is time to live like females rule the world.

Close your legs and open your hand, nothing in this life is free!




ED Awards-Janine Jericho International Showgirl Of The Year

It is that time of year again! The Gentleman’s Club Expo is coming to Las Vegas and so are the Exotic Dancer Awards. As the summer heats up in the desert, we wait anxiously to see the outcome of the next week of voting.

Janine Jericho is up for International Showgirl Of The Year. I have to kindly ask all my readers to vote for Janine Jericho. She is an amazing woman who inspires so many people within the adult industry.

>>Click Here To Vote<<<

Thank you all for your kindness and support.




Strip Club Journals Sponsors Janine Jericho


I am proud to announce Strip Club Journals is now sponsoring Janine Jericho. She will be at EDI West in Denver June 23-25 and the Gentlemen’s Club Expo in August in Las Vegas.

Janine has many other tour dates between now and August so make sure and check out her tour calendar on her website. This international feature entertainer is someone I am happy to add to the Strip Club Journals network.

Welcome and follow her at:
Twitter @JanineJericho

Instagram @JanineJericho

Only a few know what it is like to travel the world as an entertainer, Janine Jericho is one of those few.




ED Awards-DJ of the Year

Vote Binger for ED Awards DJ of the Year

The ED Awards will be held August 28-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the voting taking place now is setting the tone for the awards ceremony to come.

Vote Here

Annually, the ED Awards celebrate the best of the best of the strip club industry. This is a rare opportunity to network and socialize with people within the strip club industry. These are the people who can relate to our lives and careers. Relating to others about what is ordinary to us, but yet is always extraordinary to everyone else.
Anthony “Binger” Bellao has been a strip club DJ for about 20 years. He started at one of the very first Pure Gold clubs and has spent the last nine years at The Penthouse Club in The French Quarter of New Orleans.
Binger is just one of 10 DJs nominated for DJ of the Year. However, his skill and consistent presence in the strip club industry set him apart from the rest. Binger may be the self-proclaimed ringleader for a reason!
Vote Binger for DJ of the Year Here
“Get on there and vote for all of the categories. Especially the ones that have Penthouse Club listed, like best club chain of the year.” ~Binger

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