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Thanksgiving Vacation

Home bound from Thanksgiving vacation in Cabo. The sun, ocean, and palm trees were amazing and very needed(especially with surgery recently). After a week in summer dresses and bikinis, I am air-bound back to a harsh Winter in Oregon. Blah! However, there is always something amazing about going home. Perhaps, it takes leaving home to realize how much I take home fore granted.

Visiting a third world country is always eye opening, no matter how often. Home is a blessing and having more than one makes me realize just how lucky I truly am. Home is more than a house. Home is a magical feeling. Safety, security, comfortable, familiar, warm, and inviting are all the feelings that wash over my body as I enter home, no matter which one.

Traveling is amazing, but so is going home.



Needing A Sugar Daddy Versus Wanting A Sugar Daddy

Different sugar babies are on different levels in life and sugar. Some even look at sugar as a means to an end, in which they seek to shallowly marry a man who is well to do. We all have different reasons for entering the sugar bowl.

At this point in my life and career, I do not want anyone in my life who makes me feel like a toy. There is no amount of money that can makeup for some disappointments. Sugar does mean taking disappointment in stride. However, when it becomes a pattern and when the money and gifts stop making up for time not spent together it is no longer a win win situation.

Independence provides options, and even some options money cannot buy!



Will Sugar Dating Go Mainstream?


While in Oregon, I have been focusing on writing and promoting my blog. Specifically, promoting my blog on more social media sites to reach mainstream America. I know my demographic, but I am looking to make my niche larger. So far, I have learned: People love fluff pieces, where the struggle is absent and/or behind the scenes. Which is understandable. Who does not love a story where hard work pays off, but that story would not be possible without overcoming barriers.

Mainstream society has stigmas and stereotypes when it comes to sugar dating and strippers. I get to experience them all. Relating to people in mainstream society is a very difficult task. After years of running from the mainstream dilusions, I am ready to take a stand.

Sugar dating is not something that will ever become mainstream. Not every man has the means and/or ability to be a sugar daddy, just as not every woman has the ability to offer more than an escort girlfriend exerience.

Not everyone can be a sugar daddy. Yet, everyone has the ability to buy sex!



The Week It All Started Happening(Part 3)


After starting my week in Utah and spending a couple nights in San Diego, I returned home to Oregon to go to the Oregon Country Fair. Rarely am I so excited to come home, but after a great trip to Utah with some quality time, a few days of wandering in a beach city, and receiving amazing news about my magazine column I was on cloud nine. Everything was falling into place nicely, as I have worked on for years. Going to Oregon Country Fair when I came home was just icing on the cake and a way to remember my roots. I may achieve great things, but I have to honor the small town girl I am at heart to truly appreciate my sucess/achievements.

Thursday night I arrived in Eugene late and did not get home till around midnight, but was up the next morning to go out to the fair. Anyone who has ever been and/or heard of the Oregon Country Fair knows how magical it is. This year on my way home, I met a lady in the Salt Lake City airport(from the East coast) who was traveling to Oregon just for the fair. A couple years ago on fair weekend, I left the Eugene airport Sunday on a flight to San Francisco and it was the most colorful flight I have ever exeriened. I do not remember my final destination but I do remember this flight.

Overall, the Oregon Country Fair brightened and lightened my heart and soul. It is great to realize I can achieve in the fantasy we have created as a society and call reality, yet still have my hippie roots. I know there is more truth to be found at a festival than in the corporate world or a strip club. However, we all choose how much we buy into this “reality”.

My successful week where it all started happening turned into a reality and a way of life at the fair that I always knew was possible. I just had not found the right balance, that is until now!


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Writing & Celebrating

When I returned home from the Oregon Country Fair, I spent almost a whole week working on my writing deadlines, public relations and promotions. A week spent in front of the computer, I had come full circle. From working in an office for a corporation after college, before stripping, to now working for myself, but back to sitting in front of a computer. It is irony, but I do love and vale my freedom!

I am still in shock at all that has happened this month. My column, “Strip Club Journals Unbound,” going national is the biggest opportunity I have experienced in years. The next few months will be defining in my career as a writer and it may even effect my sugar life as well. Who knows, because anything is possible. Accomplishing a dream is a great feeling!

Celebrating this accomplishment with others is very difficult. I do not know if it is me or if other people just cannot fathom my excitement because they have nothing to compare it to that is relatable. Having children and breeding is the closest thing I can compare my writing to. My writing is something I have created, manifested, nourished, and worked on without appreciation much like a parent with a child.

Perhaps, I should have a birthday party for my writing career so people will understand its importance to me?!? Smh


How would you celebrate? Please comment below I am open to ideas! ;)


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