Strip Club Journals Unbound April-Katie Sutra

Katie Sutra



Katie Sutra is a well known name in the strip club industry for years now. She has been a stripper/dancer in the adult industry for over fifteen years and featuring dancing for four of those years. She has won multiple titles within the strip club industry, starting with Miss Pole Champ USA 2012. This was the door opening moment in her career which lead her to feature dancing. Having never been an adult actress Katie Sutra is an exception to the rule when it comes to feature dancers.

Katie Sutra started stripping right out of high school. Working part time at Publix was not going to get her a house after finishing high school and to where she wanted to be. Although she never took professional dance classes growing up, Katie Sutra was into art, drama, and choir as a child. She utilized these skills when she started stripping and had to get used to being the center of attention.  Pole dancing was something she learned at work, teaching herself during her shifts at the strip club. Also, this was a time when not many dancers did pole tricks. Thus, this was what made her stick out from the rest on stage and in the strip club, besides her cute petite hour glass figure(standing less than five feet tall).

Feature dancing was something Katie Sutra was interested in for years before she actually started. However, the people she interacted with along the way told her it would not be possible to feature dance unless she did at least one porn scene(for over a decade this took place). Knowing this was not the whole truth Katie Sutra continued to work her way to the best of the best in the strip club industry. After winning Miss Pole Champ USA 2012 she went on to win multiple other titles as she also started to feature dance. She had found her way in without having to enter the pornography niche of the adult industry. The odds were not in her favor and the easy way would have been to do a couple porn scenes. However, Katie Sutra stood up for what she believed in and for her own personal boundaries. Yet she still made it to become one of the best of the best. In any industry it is taboo to go against the grain and still reach the top. Even though our whole industry(the adult industry) is taboo, we still have a “normal” progression in a career path in the adult/strip club industry.

Katie Sutra will be appearing:

April 15&16-Sirens -Columbus, OH

April 18-23-Maximus -Victoria, TX

April 25-30-Maximus -Wichita Falls, TX

May 5-7 Southern Xposure Tour

  • 5-Charleston, WV
  • 6-Princeton, WV
  • 7-Barboursville, WV

Make sure and keep up with Katie Sutra(@KatieSutra) during her travels and adventures!




Strip Club Journals Unbound-The Big Picture

images (1)The big picture is something that is greatly overlooked in the adult industry. Customers rarely see past the lap dance, champagne room, and the fantasy. The dancers rarely see past the money.

With all this clouded vision I asked entertainers (who have been in the industry five or more years), “How has the industry changed you/your life?” Dancers were reluctant to reply with feedback to this question, which is odd. Normally, feedback is not something I have to seek out too much. In this case though, perhaps dancers were reluctant to think about the issue and then share their realizations about their own lives.

Seeing past the money hurts, just as the fantasy loses its glitz and glamor when it becomes real.There was one commonality in every single response I received. This did surprise me. The extent of the effects of this issue is large in my life, but I never realized I was in such good company. The issue is simple, yet complex all at the same time. “Dating is hard,” stated bluntly by a dancer. I learned this after the first year or two I was in the industry. It takes a strong man to trust a dancer and understand it is just a job, a means to an end. This makes many men feel threatened and/or insecure, which is something that just is what it is.

We cannot change society and society does not paint a pretty picture of strippers.”People already think that strippers are whores, junkies, and drunks. So they look down on you. However, You don’t have to be a stripper to be a whore, drunk, or a junkie.” This was a great quote from another response I received. If we live in a society that judges strippers poorly, then it is logical that most people in the society will follow suit and judge strippers poorly too. Thus, men in relationships with strippers will judge them as well. This is pure logic, but it does not mean it hurts one’s heart any less!

The adult industry also changes what dancers value emotionally. “Now, it’s the emotional connection that I crave,” put gracefully by a dancer who made me feel at ease when I first started in the industry. After experiencing all the sexuality and seeing how much people value sex(rather than intimacy) in our society, being valued as an individual becomes extremely important. Dancers want to know that we are valued for more than just how we look. We know how to attract attention, but when we get attention without trying is when we truly value it the most. The adult industry is all about appearances and catering.

Well, if the adult industry caters to American society, then why would society look down upon the adult industry workers? We are the ones who make their fantasies closer to reality then they ever could on their own. Why do people look down upon women who empower themselves with their own sexuality? These women are brave to embrace their own sexuality as a strength rather than a weakness.

Society may be over sexed, but dancers working in the industry as a career see past the sex that society craves. Sex is a drug. Everyone has a different quitting point and some people never stop. Intimacy and emotional connection are the true goals in relationships. Sex can be amazing when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, rather than just using another person to fulfill your mamalistic desires/human needs. This is something that every dancer knows who has given a dance on an afternoon shift to an older successful man who was already emotionally dead before 50 years old.


Column Writing Day

Today, I took working at the strip club off to write my article for my column (Strip Club Journals Unbound) in Adult Quest Magazine. The topic I chose and/or it chose me is:  How has the industry changed you(for dancers in the industry longer then five years)?

It has been difficult to find dancers willing to share their experiences. However, of the handful who have so far there is a commonality. Can you guess what this commonality is?



“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”
~Anais Nin