Affirmations: The Cheesy Truth

Let’s talk reprogramming! After any less than desirable situation in life, we all need to become aware of our programming that could keep us stuck in this undesirable place. How does one go about reprogramming themselves? Well this was the question I was asking the universe when I committed to trying daily affirmations for a month. I had tried affirmations before, but never had I been so committed to repeating them regularly.

After a month of writing an index card with five affirmations every morning, I could feel the difference in the way I felt and the things that were happening/unfolding in my life. Suddenly, I had a sense of personal power in my life. I had discovered some sort of proof that I could put my hand on the steering wheel of destiny. This was a good feeling that I had only seen glimpses of before.

Affirmations are a tool to aide in helping anyone raise their vibration. There are so many tools/different directions that will get you to your desired destination. Try out as many different tools as you can, but do not bypass affirmations. They are simple, but there is  great power in simplicity.



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