July & August In Las Vegas

This year I have kept to myself and kept my travels to a minimal more than ever since entering the adult industry. Writing/publishing my first book is a great leap to my bigger goals, but it has been a lonely process(Yes, I am almost finished & No, I’m not disclosing what it is about yet). I have taken up cooking again and many other things I never thought I would do. However, I am enjoying a different lifestyle, pursuing my dreams, and still drinking coffee at midnight while writing occasionally.
Living Alone in a new state full-time is an experience I am lucky to have and helps me recognize #SmallTownsSmallMinds more vividly! Las Vegas has been my home away from home for years, but it is now my home. It is where my mind feels at ease and where I now feel centered. Home(Oregon) reminds me of my roots, but Las Vegas reminds me of possibility and the future.
I have discovered people’s true colors(both good and bad) and who I want by my side as I achieve/manifest my dreams and goals.
Thank you to everyone who participated in my life with action or by inaction!
You all make my world Real. 

Check back soon for more updates and information on my book soon to be available on Amazon. The suspense is killing me, but the excitement of a surprise is something I can never resist!


High Roller Pizza Review Vegas



High Roller Pizza is a new high quality and health conscious pizza place in Vegas. After years of planning they just recently opened their doors(November 14, 2014).  Once again through the power of the adult industry, I am blessed to know the owner:  Tracy Doss. Who not only owns High Roller Pizza, but also a strip club chain in Oregon(Spyce Gentleman’s Club). This is proof that those of us who are apart of the adult industry are successful in mainstream society as well.

As a gluten free vegetarian, I have been waiting to try this pizza.  Throughout my travels I go out of my way to find quality gluten free vegetarian food. However, when I was in Vegas in January for the AVN Expo I did not barely have time to eat. Let alone review something I dearly love:  Pizza. So this trip to Vegas, I had to take the time to enjoy the desert with a side of gluten free vegetarian pizza.

I ordered the Greek Roulette Pizza, which is a speciality pizza with house made pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese, artichokes, feta cheese, roma tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, kalamata olives, fresh basil, sliced mozzarella cheese and seasoned roma tomatoes(picture below). When it arrived at my door it was delivered with a smile, which is a great way to start a review. Happy employees make better food, plain common sense. This is very similar to the idea that if you use quality ingredience the food will be quality. Yes, quality may cost more, but people often forget that health care begins with the food we eat. 

Tracy Doss has a dream/goal to bring organic quality food to the average American, because he himself did not realize the true definition of organic until a decade ago. Being originally from Ohio and educated more than the average American, he could not be the only one who did not think about organic food as a way of life. He prides himself in importing food from quality companies who do not take part in cruelty to animals or pesticides for fruits and vegtables. 

The pizza itself was delicously fresh and hot when it was delivered(picture below). I did ask the manager not to inform the employees of the review taking place. However, I was a little shocked when I opened the box and the edges were burnt. This is a nationwide trend in gluten free pizza I am noticing. Tracy took the time out to explain the reason behind this trend. When using freshly made tomatoe sauce intead of using tomatoe paste, pizza requires twice the labor as an average pizza chain and a higher tempature to cook the center of the pizza completely. After understanding this and getting to the center of the pizza, I think the burnt edges are a verry small price to pay for a pizza I can eat guilt free, knowing I am not poisening my body. Plus, when you support bussinesses who are conscious of the enviroment and farming in America you are contributing to the solution and not the problem.  

Overall, I think anyone in Vegas, local or just visiting, should try High Roller Pizza. They also have “normal” pizza crust and many other things on their menu!




P.S. The only ingridient which High Roller Pizza cannot find organic is pepperoni. If anyone out there has knowledge of a free range organic peperoni company please comment or call High Roller Pizza in Vegas. 


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