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Lynn Vega-BTS

Photo @IamIvanxxx

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Lynn Vega(@Lynnvegaxxx) on set of a girl-girl content shoot. She is a tiny little thing who entered the adult industry as a webcam model in 2013. With a BA in early childhood education the adult industry is not somewhere I would expect to find her.

At the 2015 AE Expo in Las Vegas, Lynn Vega was discovered. Out of the thousands of beautiful women walking the convention floors of the Hard Rock Hotel, she was picked out of the crowds by Girlfriend Films(@GF_Films) to do a girl-girl scene. The next month, Lynn Vega made her way to Los Angeles to do her first girl-girl scene and her entrance into the adult film industry was made. This is the most graceful entrance I have heard. Especially because after Lynn did her first scene she took a six month break from shooting to see if adult films were really for her.

“​​It​ ​came​ ​down​ ​to​ ​being​ ​comfortable​ ​and​ ​confident​,.” ~Lynn Vega

Now two years later Lynn has established herself in the adult industry and continues to search for her niche. Although, she did mention how her Skype dates and custom videos keep her pretty busy. Lynn pushes the boundaries on being a virtual girlfriend. She had me blushing with her creativity and use of technology.

Check out her website and taste a little of what she has to offer.

I look forward to watching her grow within the adult industry.




ZiFi Braves Exxxotica Denver


This weekend was the adult convention Exxxotica in Colorado. It was an intimate gathering of adult stars, webcam models, press, and fans. For a weekend we invaded Denver to create a tangible adult industry community to remind us all why we do what we do.

People bombard me with their questions about fun at these events and it drives me absolutely insane. I am blessed to have the career I have created after retiring from stripping. However, I also believe work when mixed with passion should be fun/enjoyable. Mainstream society has such a skewed view of the adult industry and the work that goes on to keep the adult world available to the general public. It only makes sense that we like to get together and mingle with others who understand our work lives.

Work is work, but if you are fulfilling your purpose it should be fun(no matter the industry).




“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” ~Pele

Sully Savage-Webcam Model/Porn Star


“Keep an open mind! If you don’t try new things you will never know who you really are. If you don’t like it, don’t do it again. But not trying, simply closes a door that could have led to success.” ~Sully Savage

Sully Savage is still rather new to the adult industry and yet at the same time wise beyond her career. Originally from Virginia, Sully Savage moved to Florida two years ago as a club promoter. The networking opportunities which presented themselves allowed her to dream big and manifest. She decided to get her foot in the door of modeling and the connections she made along the way got her to the AVN expo 2016, where I met her in person. This is where her adult career really started. Funny how all it takes is one group picture to have a ripple effect in an adult industry career.

Her ability to retain and value her individuality makes Sully Savage an exception to the rule within the adult industry. When I saw a beautiful girl who did not quite look like a stripper or porn star at the AVN expo I could not help but be intrigued. Sully Savage’s positive energy is something many people could learn from.

“Never close your eyes to anyone that takes an interest in you. People have a way of getting a big head and start to believe they do not need to learn from anyone else. You never know what someone can bring to the table.” ~Sully Savage

You can find Sully Savage at to interact with her on cam! She is a true and new gem in the adult industry. Connect with her on Twitter and/or Chaturbate to find out just how much she shines in her everyday interactions.




“Last but not least, do not give up. Very few people are naturally good at this. It takes work, it takes practice, it takes messing up and finding the right way after many attempts. Nothing you do is wrong though. You never know, you may just stumble on someone’s deep dark fetish.” ~Sully Savage(@SullySavage)

Sin City Vixens


Sin City Vixens-Strip Club Journals Unbound July 2016(Unedited)

@ZiFiStripClub & @KaylieKayx

Nikki Lotus is the owner and operator of Sin City Vixens(a cam studio) in Las Vegas, Nevada. She just recently opened Sin City Vixens(@SinCityVixens) in January 2016, but her knowledge is beyond overwhelming. Through the magic of the Adult Webcam Awards(@AdultCamAwards) we connected due to Sammy Brooks(@SammyBrooks69), who I have to thank for opening my eyes to just how large the webcam industry truly is.

“Webcam changed my life, I have learned about people and just how diverse men and women are. I never thought I would learn as much as I have about fetishes. However, if it was not for webcam I never would have become an organizer for the Adult Webcam Awards.” ~Sammy Brooks(@SammyBrooks69)

Before entering the adult industry, Nikki Lotus(@SinCityVixens) was a Director of Surgery in New York. This explains her attention to detail and her ability to run a business within the adult industry in such a professional manner. Never, in my almost decade in the adult industry, have I met someone with such attention to detail while being a people person at the same time with a business mind. She is someone who has succeeded in the webcam industry and is now helping others to succeed in the freedoms that come along with being a webcam model.

“Sin City Vixens has made me more patient, centered, to be able to handle each situation, in the most positive and productive way.” ~Nikki Lotus(@SinCityVixens)

There is so much opportunity for the new girls to make money and/or a career with webcam work, even setting their own personal limits and hours. However, rarely do webcam models have someone to help and mentor them. Well this is what Nikki Lotus does. She shares her wisdom with a loving yet tough approach. Webcam girls are more prevalent than most would guess. However, their success rates vary so much due to so many factors. Nikki Lotus shows girls, women, and TGirls how to be successful while giving them a safe place to be, around people who care about their well-being.

“Sin City Vixens has made me responsible enough to actually get up and go to work everyday.” ~Khloe(@The_Real_Khlo)

Nikki Lotus goes as far as providing vitamins, over the counter medications, low-cost doctor visits, to food high in protein, so the girls who work for Sin City Vixens know they have a safe and healthy workplace. A place to escape to put on their alter ego and go to war for their financial well-being uninterrupted. Significant others often get in the way of doing cam work from home. Therefore, webcam studios aid in the comfort level and ability to work distraction free. Nikki Lotus is very aware that it only takes one tiny thing or interaction to ruin a work day in the webcam world and this may carryover to personal life as well. Therefore, keeping everyone positive and happy is the goal for everyone to make more money and be as successful as possible.

“Sin City Vixens changed my life by helping me get back on my feet and giving me a place to work that I actually love and where I am surrounded by people that are like family.” ~Lynda(@LyndaSinnXXX)

The webcam industry has gotten a bad wrap for being sleazy not only in mainstream America, but even within the adult industry. However, after talking with two transgender webcam models(TGirls) who were amazingly kind and open I learned differently. This was a rare opportunity due to most webcam studios not allowing TGirls in their studios. A big thank you to @The_Real_Khlo and @KayoFlamez for being so patient and open-minded about my lack of knowledge.

I learned about 90% of the time webcam models are on cam they are not doing anything sexual. This was shocking, but also eye-opening. People have a need for intimacy and the webcam industry is a niche serving that need 24/7, 365 days a year. The webcam industry is a billion dollar industry. Simple economics, but yet in a more controlled environment than other niches of the adult industry.

“Caming is the future of the adult industry,” Nikki Lotus(@SinCityVixens)

Sin City Vixens does not charge any fees to the girls working in the studio and it is female owned and operated thus making it extremely rare and/or a one of a kind webcam studio. Also, Nikki Lotus allows TGirls in her studio which adds to the diversity, understanding, and tolerance of the environment at Sin City Vixens. Everyone has their own version of “normal” at Sin City Vixens. They work with people worldwide who have to hide what they love, only to get instant gratification online with a side of shame.

“Hiding what makes you happy does not get you happiness!” ~ZiFi

With all the new technology coming out, Sin City Vixens is already incorporating virtual reality into their studio, which will be up and running by this August. Thus, the webcam industry is not going anywhere. The thing about people who rely on the internet for income is they change with the times and quickly in order to stay on top.

Evolution within the adult industry is in the making!




A very special thank you to @Sulheejessica for amazing makeup and eyelashes by @Ashleybasiliere_

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