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Realty Edge-A Toxic Business


Realty Edge is a real estate firm in Portland, Oregon and now in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tae Roh is one of the owners of this firm. People rarely think to question the personal lives of people who own businesses like this. It is often thought that in order to be successful in business one must have a moral compass of some sort or at least ethics. Well this is probably a naive thought.

Last October when Tae Roh(Tim Roh) and I moved to a home in the Spanish Trail Association in Las Vegas, I started to see completely through the false persona he had been selling me since 2014. After years of his false reality being sold to me as actual reality, I stopped asking so many questions. However there are some things that cannot be hidden forever.

I started seeing Tae Roh in 2014, when he found me on Seeking Arrangement. I was a sugar baby and stripper who was looking for a Sugar Daddy. These relationships are an experience to say the least. Is Michael O’Meara, a partner at Reality Edge, aware of the double life that Tae Roh has been living?

Tae Roh and I entered into a civil union January 1, 2017. What would it be like to have your business partner lie to you? If the owners of Realty Edge cannot be honest with each other, who can they be honest with?

Glass houses seem to be the trend when it comes to Real Estate.


My New Book: A Decade On A Pole


I am happy to announce my second book now is available on Amazon and iTunes! #ADecadeOnAPole



This book is dear to my heart. My magazine columns, journals, and tips on how to survive the adult industry are all included. I hope this book makes a great ripple effect in some peoples lives and careers.



Special thank you to Robert Bryant​ for being an amazingly patient book editor.
Mitchell Murphy​ and Heath Stillwell​ thank you for years of being amazing magazine editors and putting up with my kind of crazy!

Reagan Reilly-Feature Dancer & Cover Girl


The beauty of living in Las Vegas full-time is fancy people surround me. After communicating with Reagan Reilly for a couple of months, it was apparent she is the type of person who adds to your life. Her large heart and ability to own up to the truths of her past are amazingly refreshing. Her accomplishments are great, but that has not slowed her down. Not only does she feature dance, blog for a website and house dance here in Las Vegas at the Palomino club, she will be on the cover of the Panda(@PandaMembers1) Calendar. Reagan Reilly is an inspiration to many going through the strip club industry with a good head on her shoulders and sobriety(which puts her at a large advantage).

Keep up with Reagan Rilley on Twitter and check out her website. If you are in Las Vegas do not be shy, go see her at the Palomino Club.

Twitter @Reagan_Rising




Sin City Vixens


AEE 2016-Strip Club Journals Unbound (Unedited)

Early one morning at the AEE 2016 Expo, I literally ran into Ryan Driller(@RyanDriller) with my coffee in hand. Still in the daze of unusual morning hours and hair and makeup routine the rest of the crew did not have to go through, I was not quite all there I have to admit. But I was pushed in the right direction literally and ran into Ryan Driller who was kind enough to take time to speak with Strip Club Journals.

Half asleep and in my morning daze I had a conversation with Ryan Driller that was supposed to be an interview, but ended up to be more like a conversation. He has a way of putting people at ease while being charismatic at the same time. This was extremely surprising and took me aback, setting him apart from the rest. We joked about what it was like to be “kind of a big deal” and Ryan shared stories of excited fans in grocery stores. Those being his most uncomfortable fan experiences.

In person I was impressed with Ryan Driller. Not only did he have his career on a path and longevity in the adult film industry, but he willingly shared charisma with a genuine smile. This was his eighth AVN Expo/Awards, so this was nothing new to him. Little did I know what a big deal Ryan Driller is in the adult film industry. Unplanned interviews are always the best and most organic.

Ryan Driller left me with a good feeling about the adult film industry. We had a kind, genuine, educated exchange even though I had no clue who he was. Had I known all I know now I would have been really nervous to speak with Ryan Driller, let alone interview him. He was just a guy and I was just happy to not have spilled my coffee on him. At times being a small town girl at heart really does blow my mind(pun intended).

Now after research, I realize the unique journey Ryan Driller/Jeremy Bilding has taken through the adult film industry. Never in person did he lead on to how large his accomplishments are. He is a humble person, which made him approachable. In person I was beyond impressed with him in so many ways. Little did I know by researching and talking to people I would find out what a fancy person Ryan Driller is in the adult film industry. He has evolved through the industry from someone who did gay porn and straight porn. Then did a total cross over into mainstream adult films. He even took a pay cut to be the first successful male cross over in the adult film industry(straight men get paid less than gay men in the adult film industry). This was something I could respect, setting boundaries even though they have a literal monetary price tag. This is a reoccurring theme throughout the adult industry that cannot seem to be fathomed by the “real world”.

In person Ryan Driller told me that separation of work and real life is just that, “It’s Work, It’s work,” he said with a nonchalant look on his face like he was a garbage man speaking of work.

From Denver, Colorado originally Ryan Driller seems like the cute guy who lives down the street. It is no wonder why women hassle him at the grocery store. His personality matches his good looks and he has the “it” factor that can make or break an entertainer of any kind.

With coffee in hand it was a pleasant surprise to start a day at the AEE 2016 Interacting with Ryan Driller.

Another “morning” at the AEE 2016 again with my coffee in hand I stumbled upon another amazing interview:  Lexington Steele(@LexSteele11 & He has been in the industry for nearly 20 years and was someone I had never heard of before we met at AEE 2016. The theme of longevity in the adult industry film industry seemed to naturally create itself merely through interactions.

Lexington Steele was kind and even pulled out a chair for me so we could sit and have a conversation on the edge of the buzzing crowd full of press and fans. By the crowd, I could tell I found a gem. My first question(as usual), “Is this your first year at the AVN Expo?” He politely answered, “No, this is my 18th AVN Expo/Awards.” At this point I knew he was the one I could ask my real open-ended questions to as to what it is really like to be an adult film actor in the long-term.

The main thing that stuck out about Lexington Steele besides his manners and being so down to earth was his quote, “It is a business.” I did not quite understand the emphasis he put on this simple statement until the research came into play. Lexington Steele was a stock broker on Wall Street before he became a full-time adult actor in LA in 1998. With his degree from Syracuse University and a lucrative career in NYC, Lexington Steele became apart of the adult industry for a better quality of life. The corporate style quality of life just was not for him.

In his career, Lexington Steele has acquired over 25 AVN Awards and is the first male to win Male Performer of the Year Award three times. Also, he is more than just an adult actor. In 2003 Lexington Steele started his own production company(Mercenary Motion Pictures), and it is still growing till this day, He resides as CEO on the company board. Directing is also something Lexington Steele added to his resume, as well as mainstream television appearances such as on the tv show “Weeds”.

Lexington Steele has made a career out of the adult film industry. He branched out into so many different aspects of the adult industry/entertainment industry, thus allowing himself residual income once he stops working actively on-screen. Taking the multidimensional path may not be easy, but it is a sure way to guarantee yourself a career in any industry.

Success and longevity have commonalities throughout the universe.




Ps. Thank you to for helping with my clothing and shoes by night and at the 20116 Adult Webcam Convention. Bob Layton(@bobstudio83) is a generous kind soul who blessed a select few of us ladies in the adult industry with his presence & style to further our careers. Style, fashion, and appearance cannot be forgotten in the adult industry. <3

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