Christmas In Palm Springs

imageThis Christmas SDBF and I spent in Palm Springs, California. We took my new puppy on his first airplane ride and vacation. I enjoyed seeing him travel and the lifestyle he will become accustomed to. Much like I will become accustomed to the lifestyle I have chosen. Calming down my lifestyle has been an extremely rough transition. Now my security is greater than just financial, which is different. However, the change is not as easy as some would think. Change is never easy. Even when it is the right thing to do and preparations have been made. There will always be the instances/moments in which the urge to run back to my comfort zone surface. Comfort is relative just as reality is relative.

Happy Holidays and may 2015 be amazing for everyone!



“Grief is perhaps an unknown territory for you. You might feel both helpless and hopeless without a sense of a ‘map’ for the journey. Confusion is the hallmark of a transition. To rebuild both your inner and outer world is a major project.” ~Anne Grant


Holiday Sugar-Quest Magazine

Strip Club Journals Unbound Dec 2014

Holiday Sugar

Happy Holidays to everyone in the adult industry. We all are from such diverse backgrounds and niches within the industry that our celebration and navigation through the holiday season varies greatly. However, society tends to forget we are human too with families and holiday festivities of our own.

The adult industry as a whole is responsible for delivering comfort to people during times of distress. The holiday season is a stressful time to most. So, needless to say people seek out comfort during the holiday season. And comfort looks extremely different to different people.

In the past as a sugar baby, I really dreaded and disliked the holiday season due to my SDs being preoccupied with their wife, family, and/or children. It made me feel like I was their dirty little secret, which is not a pleasant experience, but it is apart of what sugar babies sign up for knowingly from the very beginning. We know we will never be the number one priority in a SDs life. However, laying in bed alone with new diamonds on a holiday is not what I dreamed of as a child. Therefore, I no longer see married SDs or SDs with children. This simplifies everything and I have hope that this holiday season is going to be amazingly different.

Also, this is my first holiday season, in years, without working in a strip club. Stripping saved me on almost every holiday. The other strippers are less likely to work(especially the girls with children) and the customers who do come into a strip club on a holiday are there to spend money. An ideal win win situation of distraction from my sugar holiday blues.

By design this year will be extremely different. Thanksgiving international travels are already in the works with one of my SDs(only my second vacation NOT alone this year). Sun and palm trees make any holiday better. Especially with good company.

Then for Christmas, I am considering going on vacation alone or maybe go to my home away from home in Las Vegas just to escape it all. Being alone on a holiday sounds awful to most people, but it is very understandable to people in the adult and entertainment industry. The holiday season is the closest thing to paid time off we have. Customers in the strip club are extra generous and so are SDs.

As a sugar baby, the holiday season is a time to regroup and reflect independently on the year’s accomplishments and the goals to come for the next year. Staying focused on the big picture helps to keep emotions in check. Sugar is goal oriented dating. We seek more than traditional love, we seek individual success in whatever form we deem it. This boundary trumps all. Even holidays, feelings, and how we dreamed of them.

We celebrate differently, but we still celebrate.


“Honey, you can give a man a lot of things. You can give him your time, your money, even your heart. But the one thing you can never ever let go of is your power. You have to be able to walk away at any time.”
— Lady Heather, CSI