The Adult Industry Changed My World


Entering the adult industry, years ago, has forever changed my world. After experiencing just how large the world can be and is, it is hard to connect with people who have not experienced the world as large. Therefore, with time, I find myself keeping my real thoughts to myself more and more.

This May in Vegas, I had a pot from Canada fly in. Once again normal, not the first time someone from another country has visited Vegas to meet. I had a great time. The first night I met him, he took a sugar baby girlfriend of mine and I out to dinner and gambling at The Wynn. It was a great way to meet. Plus, I learned craps is not my game!

Second date was dinner and drinks at the Aria. Short and sweet because it was a long drinking day for him. Third date was dinner and a show at The Wynn. Le Reve was an amazing first. Plus, I got to drink my favorite champagne with chocolate covered strawberries and assorted chocolates while watching the show from amazing seats.

These are the priceless moments that I value in my sugar world. Once in a lifetime experiences that I will remember for a lifetime.



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  1. Bill
    June 7, 2014 at 3:06 pm (3 years ago)

    I too find myself keeping thoughts to myself, I don’t know if it’s age and wisdom or just me saying to myself “is it really gonna matter at the end of the day what that person feels about me, and do I really care”. It’s the thoughts that matter that are worth sharing.
    I’m a “pot” lol…too funny.
    It was roulette my dear friend that we did poorly at except your “gf” seem to hold her own pretty good.
    And Aria, OMG I’m so sorry, the day started out so innocently when I went to the Mob Museum but took an abrupt turn sideways when I entered the “Hogs & Heifers Saloon ” just off Freemont, I got tied up with my good friend Don Julio (tequila) and the rest was history. Threw my side table alarm to the floor thinking it was going off at random only to find out it was my phone alarm I had set earlier (so as to not miss our date) and you texting me. Thank god you hung in there and chose to stay for our date and nurse me through with a couple of coconut drinks. XOXO
    And yes Le Reve was amazing, you took a picture of your champagne and chocolates awwww.
    We did great at roulette that night in the Wynn and not too bad at blackjack in the Nugget either.
    And you slept briefly in my arms at the Claim Jumper as we waited for our 3am meal only to be driven home in a lowly cab….lol, I laughed, the look on your face was priceless.
    All n all it was good, actually better that good, I had a great time, enjoyed myself and would do it again in a heartbeat especially with you as company, companion, sidekick and/or friend at my side. XOXO

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