The Fight For Sexual Freedom-Strip Club Journals Unbound(Part2 unedited)

Harry Mohney’s Erotic History Museum in Las Vegas was a life changing experience. Even after nearly a decade in the adult industry I could not help but be taken aback by the tangbly visual exbihits. Two floors(over 24,000 squaree feet) of erotic exhibits is enough to make Anyone question their beliefs and misconceptions about sexuality. Physically seeing the history and progression of the adult industry within American society(and throughout history) made many truths, stigmas, and prejudices very difficult to deny. The above picture is an amazing example of how religon has played such a large part in the stigmas and taboos associated with the adult industry. 

Denying freedom of sexuality is a power that has plauged us as a society in almost ever aspect:  relationships, family dynamics, culture, and laws/legislation. Why do we argue about what makes other people happy, sexually or otherwise? Especially, when they are hurting no one and everything is consensual. 

Who are we to tell others how to live, let alone have sex and/or express affection/art. 




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