The Fight For Sexual Freedom-Strip Club Journals Unbound(Unedited)

Those of us in the adult industry often loose sight of the big picture. The moments when the glamorous life is anything but glamorous, we must remember all the people who came before us in the adult industry. Today, those of us in the adult industry continue to make sacrifices for our sexual freedom and expression. This is not a pleasant part of being apart of the adult industry, but it is what it is. The costs in the years prior were exponential and so we are making progresss in mainstream American society.

Larry Flynt, born in 1948, started the Hustler club and the infamous Hustler Magazine. He was charged multiple times for his part in the adult industry and the fight for sexual freedom. During one of his legal battles he was shot in a failed assassination attempt, leaving him paralyzed in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. Larry Flynt took a stand for us all, even without the use of his legs. The adult industry would not have the freedoms it has today without the sacrifices he made, while building the largest empire within the adult industry.

Then there are many adult actresses and actors who have faced the law, mainly due to their involvement in the adult industry. Ginger Lynn is a perfect example. She entered the adult industry December 1983 and exited Febuary 1986. In two years, Ginger went from living in a trailer park, to having a Penthouse Magazine spread, to being an icon in the adult industry. After her retirement into mainstream movies, law enforcement approached her about testifyiing against another adult actress who was underage at the time. Ginger Lynn refused to testify and was arrested and imprisioned for tax evasion. Nonetheless, she still attends charity benifits to utilize her icon status as a positive ripple effect in our society. Ginger Lynn even atteneded a poker tournament to bennifit Families Of Fallen Officers in south Florida(picture by @meggs_chris). How many law enforcement officers and/or government officals would openly help the people with any  affiliation with the adult industry, let alone the people who persecuted and imprisioned them?

Recently, the adult industry and issues of sexual freedom have beome a mainstream issue in American politics. Kristin Beck, a trangender and former Navy Seal of twenty years, announced recently she is running for Congress in Maryland(according to the Balitmore Sun). President Bill Clinton brought sexuality to the White house like never before, with his sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky in the oval office.  Eliot Spitzer, govenor of New York, was charged with patronizing a high-class prostitution ring(both before and after becoming the govenor of New York). Clinton was impeached for his sexual actions and Spitzer was forced to resign. Once political figures are exposed for the sexual beings they are behind closed doors, American society tends to rejects them. Perhaps, Kristin Beck will have the ability to change American society’s viewpoint on freedom of  sexuality, even for our leaders. 

“I do not believe a soul has a gender…” ~Kristin Beck

It is easy to look at the adult industry as just instant gratification in a taboo world. However, we need to realize how mainstream society has shaped the adult industry with government and laws(aka power/control). Now the taboo adult industry is vividly shaping mainstream society and has been for decades if not centuries.

“Deep Throat” the movie staring Linda Lovelace was made June 12, 1972. This was the first pornographic movie to earn mainstream attention. Linda Lovelace did not have the typical look of a porn star of the era. She did not have large hips, was not blonde, and did not have large breasts. Yet, she became a star almost overnight in the adult industry. 

“It is all very well and good for Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie, to advocate sexual freedom; but the energy she brings to her role is less awesome than discouraging. If you have to work this hard at sexual freedom, maybe it isn’t worth the effort.” ~Roger Ebert

The movie “Deep Throat” is an example of how American society has made sexuality about money, power, and capitalism. Linda Lovelace earned $1250 for the the filming of “Deep Throat”. While it has earned nearly $600 million and only cost $25,000 to film. Linda Lovelace is an example of how capitalism and power can take you blindsided, only to follow you for a lifetime.

“Karl Marx opposed prostitution as, “…only a specific expression of the general prostitution of the laborer,” and considered its abolition to be necessary to overcome capitalism.” ~The Erotic Heritage Museum  

Harry V. Mohney’s Erotic History Museum in Las Vegas,, has two floors(over 24,000 square feet) of erotic exhibits. This is enough to make Anyone question their beliefs and misconceptions about sexuality. Physically and tangibly seeing the history and progression of the adult industry within American society(and throughout history) made many truths, stigmas, and prejudices very difficult to deny. Religion in American society has played such a large part in the stigmas and taboos associated with the adult industry, mainly because American laws and religion often coincide.

“It has been my experience that those who spend their time censoring and repressing the sexuality of others almost always suffer from their own dark and sexually deviant behavior.” ~Harry V. Mohney   

Denying freedom of sexuality is a power that has plauged us as a society in almost ever aspect:  relationships, family dynamics, culture, and laws/legislation. Why do we argue about what makes other people happy, sexually or otherwise? Especially, when they are hurting no one and everything is consensual. 

“Erotic Art is a timeless expression of an emotional moment.” ~Harry V. Mohney

Who are we to tell others how to live, let alone have sex and/or express affection/art.




A special thank you to all the staff at Harry Mohney’s Erotic Museum for being so friendly and accommodating!

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