The Fight For Sexual Freedom-Strip Club Journals Unbound(Part 1)

Those of us in the adult industry often loose sight of the big picture. Those moments when the glamorous life is any but glamorous, we must remember all the people who came before us in the adult industry. Today we still continue to make sacrifices for our sexual freedom. However, the cost in the years prior were exponential. Larry Flynt was inprisoned for his part in the adult industry in the 1970’s and without him taking his stand, even without the use of his legs, those of us in the adult industry would not have the freedoms we have today.

It is easy to look at the adult industry as just instant gradification in a taboo world, but really as a society should not we see how mainstream society has shaped the adult industry with goverrnment and laws(aka power/control). And now the adult industry is shaping mainstream society. 


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