The Never Ending Search

I have been searching for a new sugar daddy. It has been a process and not really a pleasant one. Communicating with men who believe they are sugar daddy material and think they have the upper hand, when in actuality it is supposed to be an Equal Exchange. And yes companionship and being intellectually stimulating do count as part of any sugar relationship. You can’t ask for something and then give nothing in return. Time is money.

It is interesting how people in general are more likely to shortchange another person before they get short changed changed themselves. What does this say about our society and culture?

This does not just happen in strip clubs and the Sugar Bowl, but it’s very prevalent in society. Also, this is part of the reason why I like sugar, because it is more honest than real life relationships for the most part. Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule.

So realization moment, sugar maybe more real than real life, just a different kind of real.



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