The Power Of The Truth Corrupts All

penny lane
“It is all happening” ~Penny Lane(Almost Famous)

After realizing words of hidden truths are a powerful tool and the platform I have created add to this power, I am coming to terms with this unique tool I possess. Especially, due to the name of my blog/domain. Finally, I am able to use the stigma of the adult industry to my advantage. The tables are turning in such a drastic way, but I do admit I am loving the change. People have underestimated me since I started writing and I understand it was a long shot for success. However, I have always been one to war for the things I want.

Knowing I possess this rare power is a huge career realization/transformation and something I must learn to use as a tool and not as a drug. For power does corrupt all, even myself at times(for I am just a human too). I find myself wanting to war on life with the truth. However, I have to realize the ramifications of the truth and the collateral damage involved. For example, if I write all the truths about the adult industry, no one in the adult industry will want to work with or associate with Strip Club Journals/Strip Club Journals Unbound etc. However, if I choose wisely which truths to expose/cover then I am going to gain readership and respect within the industry. It all comes down to the old saying, “Pick your battles wisely”. So, I have started a journal of all the truths that I hold back from writing here publicly for safe keeping till I decide which battles I choose to war on. One must act and not react, but one also must be aware of the fact:  just because something is currently not visible does not mean it does not exist.

I have realized my power and the ripple effects I can make. Now is the time to harness this power for my greatest purpose and create some boundaries for my career and my life.

This is the beginning of a beautiful chapter of life where my career will explosively blossom.



“You’ll meet them all again on their long journey to the middle.” -Lester Bangs(Almost Famous)

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