The Sugar Search Continues

My sugar search continues again in full force. After going through my correspondence I have put off from the past month, I narrowed it down to four POTs who I am actually entertaining. Dancing allows me to meet POTs from anywhere, because I can fly almost anywhere in a day for lunch or dinner. This is just fun. It is an idea that keeps me smiling and reminds me that anything is always possible!

A little information on the four POTs I have chosen to entertain the idea of:

  1. A man from Finland who is moving to NY for 6 months for to work contacted me looking for a travel companion. He and I have been corresponding and I have sent my info for a flight to NY for dinner for a night. But then after some research, I discovered it is an eight to ten-hour flight. So, flying to the east coast just for dinner probably not feasible. My solution:  a three-day trip where I will only spend two nights there in a hotel. NY is one of the few places I have never been to before. This has the possibility to be an experience. Firsts rarely happen to me nowadays. This has the possibility to be the first Pot I meet in person from Europe and my first trip to NY. I sent my proposal for a short trip rather than dinner, so the ball is in his court. It is exciting to see what happens! (Pot Finland)
  2. A man in Seattle contacted me looking for a SB. After I put his concerns about the physical distance between us, he is interested in meeting this week. I suggested he fly me up to Seattle this Sunday, but he was/is busy. Perhaps, Wednesday I will fly to Seattle in the morning and fly home in late hours of the night. He works in computers and so we could be from two different worlds, but you never know when the right opposite will attract.
  3. A sugar couple, now this is my dream come true, contacted me and told me they were looking for a sb they could play with together and apart. Plus, they are local to Oregon. I am excited to see what they have to say!
  4. A man I know from freestyling, who is in real estate investment, texted me this week asking if I was ready to be his trophy girlfriend and hang up my dancing shoes yet (no this is not the first time he has asked).He splits time between AZ and OR and would help with my move to NV.

The sugar gods have shined down on me and I have hope that at least one of these POTs will work out. It would definitely help make up for telling the truth about monogamy scaring me in “real life”, because I do not want to hurt anyone else!

Life is a catch 22 at times!

Sugar on…



“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
~Lao Tzu

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