The Week It All Started Happening(Part 2)

Photo credit @itzmikesnow

After leaving Utah, I adventured to San Diego on my own for a vacation from vacations. It was nice to get away and have no agenda other than fun and sun! Especially sun, which I have been missing since Vegas. Being alone in a large city always teaches me an abundance about myself.

Along with lessons learned, I received great news while poolside in San Diego. I discovered my magazine is going to national publication. This is huge for my magazine column “Strip Club Journals Unbound”! However, there was something missing amongst all the excitement. I was alone in a beautiful city on the ocean with no one to share my big moment with. I have worked for years alone on this dream. So, I am very selective who I want to share my success with, but a partner in crime and/or life to share my adventures and successes with sounds extremely pleasant!

The sunrise in San Diego was beautiful at Seaport Village!!


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