The Week It All Started Happening(Part 3)


After starting my week in Utah and spending a couple nights in San Diego, I returned home to Oregon to go to the Oregon Country Fair. Rarely am I so excited to come home, but after a great trip to Utah with some quality time, a few days of wandering in a beach city, and receiving amazing news about my magazine column I was on cloud nine. Everything was falling into place nicely, as I have worked on for years. Going to Oregon Country Fair when I came home was just icing on the cake and a way to remember my roots. I may achieve great things, but I have to honor the small town girl I am at heart to truly appreciate my sucess/achievements.

Thursday night I arrived in Eugene late and did not get home till around midnight, but was up the next morning to go out to the fair. Anyone who has ever been and/or heard of the Oregon Country Fair knows how magical it is. This year on my way home, I met a lady in the Salt Lake City airport(from the East coast) who was traveling to Oregon just for the fair. A couple years ago on fair weekend, I left the Eugene airport Sunday on a flight to San Francisco and it was the most colorful flight I have ever exeriened. I do not remember my final destination but I do remember this flight.

Overall, the Oregon Country Fair brightened and lightened my heart and soul. It is great to realize I can achieve in the fantasy we have created as a society and call reality, yet still have my hippie roots. I know there is more truth to be found at a festival than in the corporate world or a strip club. However, we all choose how much we buy into this “reality”.

My successful week where it all started happening turned into a reality and a way of life at the fair that I always knew was possible. I just had not found the right balance, that is until now!


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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