Things Better Left Unsaid

I stopped in Utah last month on my way home from Vegas. A very short trip to see Mr. Utah and meet a sugar baby who lives there. Being social is one of the few things that makes traveling alone easier on the heart and soul. We are all human and humans are not meant to be alone, as a girlfriend in Eugene always reminds me.

Even though it was a very short trip, I learned a lot and had a great time. Mr Utah was busy with work as usual so I rented some happiness with a spa day and a convertible Mustang. When I checked into the hotel and I had my own room, it reinforced the suspicion that I am merely a secret play toy he keeps on retainer for entertainment. Which as a former stripper I am used to.

When you find someone who makes you laugh and smile till your face hurts sometimes it is just easier to remind yourself it is what it is.

Drink in the moments when you are with them.



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