Three years ago

Sitting on my bed in Oregon with a laptop on a rainy fall evening. A stranger messaged me on Facebook. This was and is a very common occurrence. However, little did I know this person would become apart of my heart and life for years to come.

A young 19 year old boy from southern California who was/is pursuing a music career had read my blog and found me on Facebook. This was a little unsettling, because readers normally assume they know it all about me. When in reality I just allow them a window into my heart and soul, not an all access pass. After we chatted for awhile, I knew he and I had/have similar outlooks on our careers. We both loved to entertain and shine on stage and off. Not many people can relate to this feeling. It is this energy that keeps entertainers alive and motivated.

Finding someone who can relate to being in the public eye and is passionate about what they create is rare. Many people seek fame. I seek success and have a need to be surrounded by positive people. These people are rare and hard to find. Yet, I found one from California in my bedroom in Oregon on a rainy fall evening.



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