Tips for PANDA Members

Dear Pandas,

Making money is the goal of any job and/or career(whether a bartender, stripper, or DJ). The question posed to me this week was, “How do DJs make the most tips?” After much thought about the demographic of DJs whom I am addressing, I decided that this will be a step by step process.

You may be a GREAT DJ, but at the same time you can still be an awful strip club DJ. The first question you need to ask yourself bluntly and honestly is are you able to be a people person or are you better dealing with just electronics? If you cannot muster up the gumption to be a people person on top of being an amazing DJ, then you do not belong in any strip club(big or small).

Another commonality I found/realized just in observations of DJs throughout my career is:  DJs need to be willing and able to understand that the adult industry is the ONLY industry where women have the upper hand. Djs consistently complain about the fact that strippers have no limit to their earnings. However, this is due to it being the adult industry. Are you evolved enough to handle the fact that a teenage girl will most likely make more money then you on a weekend(unless you work in the top 5% of strip clubs)? Be honest with yourself, because this is an unusual dynamic that is extremely rare in our society, let alone the world.

If you can honestly say you are able to work in an industry where women have the upper hand and you possess people skills, then that is the first step in knowing you just may be cut out to be an amazing strip club DJ.




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