Two SDs

When I realized Mr Utah is not willing and/or able to make time for me, I decided I would start stripping again in Portland. Well, I discovered that would not make me happy even before I walked into a strip club. After much thought, I decided to find another SD who has time to spend with me. This just seemed logical. One SD who I travel to see rarely and another who actually travels with me and makes time for me.

This is the difference between SDs in their 30s and 40s. SDs in their 30s are more willing to throw money at a sugar baby rather than take her feelings or life into consideration. Which has its perks, but it also hurts. There is only so much disappointment and heartache till the money no longer makes up for it all.

SDs in their 40s know the value of time and the everyday things. They understand that sharing an experience with someone is more valuable then experiencing it alone. Time is their specialty. They enjoy spending time together, even if it is just doing the simple things in life like dinner and drinks.

My logic was flawless yet I will see if reality continues to follows suit.



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