Here I sit on my backporch in Oregon absorbing the greenery. Tomorrow, I leave for Utah for a couple days to see Mr. U. I met him during my last stay in Vegas. I have yet to write much about my Vegas stay yet, but I will catch up soon. Mr. U was one where we did not do anything out of the ordinary, just drinks and dinner twice, but we had a blast doing “nothing”. When I can do “nothing” with someone and have fun, I know we are a good match.
However, meeting someone on the strip in Vegas for a night out on the town is very different than going on a vacation to visit someone, especially in their home town. This is where the true colors emerge if they have not already come out. It is a nerve wracking experience, but a necessity that makes me feel alive and escape my comfort zone.
Connecting with people is always an adventure. Wish me luck!


4th of July in Oregon

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