Vayda Kiss-A Shooting Star Flys Away

Vayda Kiss
Vayda Kiss


Vayda Kiss-A Shooting Star Flys Away

“Everything happens for a reason. Clip my wings and I will still figure out how to fly.”

This is one of the last things Vayda Kiss, aka Nicole LeeAnn Smith, told me when I was interviewing her for Miss Pole Champ USA. Miss Vayda Kiss is the only two time winner of Miss Pole Champ USA(2011 and 2014) and co-hosted the event earlier this year. As the adult industry mourns the loss of one of the greats of our time, we want her to be remembered for her Life and heart which will continue her legacy!
“She was so stunning. She was one of my idols and when I met her; so warm and down to Earth.”
~Natasha Nova, winner of Miss Pole Champ USA 2015 and crowned by Vayda Kiss
“Vayda Kiss symbolizes the pure heart. The smile that made you feel warm and fuzzy. The hug of an angel. The words of wisdom and the love of a true human being. We will all miss your presence.”
~Gracie Cardoso, owner of The World Pageants


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