What I Have Not Talked About Lately: Sugar


The sugar bowl is rough on everyone’s heart and soul. I have not written about it much lately because I thought I was beyond this point in my relationship. Well, beginnings always seem to resurface as well as insecurities and general differences in lifestyle. I love being with just one person, yes it is very different. However, it is a pleasant change,

Working to make a sugar relationship a somewhat traditional relationship is a difficult process which takes two to make it work. The sacrifices I have made to be here are huge, but the payoff is worth it. Having someone loving and accepting to be there for me no matter what I have done or do for work.

Sometimes sacrifices are not seen and it is hurtful.



“We just can’t shake monogamy. It definitely demands a kind of rigor and discipline and selflessness. But it’s also fun.” ~Claire Danes

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