When Fantasy is Reality

I, along with many people in the adult industry, live in a fantasy world to most. However, reality is always relative. Recently, it has sunk in how unique my lifestyle is to mainstream society. When I woke up one morning to get on a plane to Las Vegas for a modeling job for a painter, and to stay with an industry friend, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is not normal to most people. Yes, it was a bucket list experience to be painted. However, my spontaneous nature did not think twice about the opportunity to expand my horizons. Of course, I was nervous. But how do we feel alive without being nervous and expanding our realities?

I no longer know what normal is and I no longer strive for normal. It took years in the industry for me to admit this to myself, let alone others. Now that I have given up on normal, my life is falling into place. Working at the strip club was easier before I arrived in Las Vegas, because I was able to appeal to the intimacy needs of men who normally crave power trips without having to cross my boundaries. Realizing my reality is my own reality and very rare, added value to it suddenly again. I am no longer just a stripper, sugar baby, freelance writer, and blogger. I am a unique woman who has used her brains and beauty to network and make connections that are priceless.

I would not have started a blog without a push from a high school acquaintance. And I would have never thought of writing, “Strip Club Journals Unbound” without the magical powers of networking. Adult Quest Magazine will always have a soft spot in my heart, along with a former editor.

The moral of the story is to all the people out there in the adult industry please celebrate our lifestyle and do not hide from it. We are blessed and we need to realize it in order to not let the industry eat us alive. It is Spring and time for new beginnings. Let’s all celebrate what we do and see if we can create a ripple effect in mainstream society.


“I celebrate myself, and sing myself.”
~Walt Whitman

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